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01 April 2012 @ 12:23 pm
spn + vampire porn reviews, and a meme, and other stuff  
1. Okay, review time. SPN first!

a. Uhm, so, how bad it is that apart from the last five minutes, the thing I enjoyed most about this episode was the random sushi restaurant guy? He made me crack up every time he appeared. That part when they were blessing the sword was like, so much crack, I couldn't. And the guy was like 'hey this is so totally random and omg why does this guy want me to BLESS a sword for but OMG IT'S SO COOL I GET TO BLESS A SWORD!'. Idk that parts cracked me up so much.

b. That said, lol at Dean not even taking the price tag from the sword. (That said: OMG DEAN WITH A SAMURAI SWORD *faints*)

c. What I didn't like: errr people, considering the state Dean's liver is in and considering that he had been on a sober binge for a good enough time, was that REALLY necessary to get him drunk? :////// someone saying 'hey just sit this one out?' :///

d. Well, it was good to know that Dean and Sam actually like, KNOW that Meg is keeping an eye on Cas. Not that it makes the entirety of the situation any better but it's better if they actually are in the known. It's also nice to know that they're somewhat checking up on him and that they aren't, er, both totally okay with how it went down.

e. Regarding the rest, it was give or take. I don't mind Garth either way and I totally support his choices in hunting lifestyle - I mean, he's right, why the hell do you have to go to seedy and uncomfortable motels all the time when you can get a nice, comfortable bed? - but the whole part with the puppet sock was.. er. If I had been the kid I'd have felt slightly insulted. Also oh dear was he phoning Becky after he salted and burned the corpse in the beginning? ... well, I suppose he's better for her than Sam. Though okay, let's not just thing about the Horrid Episode From Hell that was 7x08. Anyway, maybe I'd care more about Garth if they hadn't, er, killed off all the other supporting characters around, but as things are I don't particularly mind him but I'm not head over heels about him either.

f. Let's talk about the last five minutes?

So, well, it was kinda obvious that Bobby had stayed behind, I mean, with the empty bottle and magically showing up books and all, but I really hadn't expected him to show up for real in this episode out of every episode they could pick - and damn Jim Beaver for being a troll with all the abominable snowman stuff on Twitter making me think that Bobby wasn't coming back at all.

Flash news: I ABOUT WEPT. Being unspoiled was awesome. (In the same way being unspoiled for 7x17 was - I didn't know zilch about it except for a couple things and it totally paid off.) And OH GOSH WHEN DEAN CAME BACK TO GET THE FLASK AND BOBBY LOOKED ALL SAD THAT HE HAD FORGOTTEN IT AND THEN FOR A MOMENT IT SEEMED LIKE THEY COULD SEE EACH OTHER AND AAAAH ;________________; No seriously. Dean's face just after he killed the shojo and called for Bobby and DEAN'S FACE WHEN HE LOOKED AT THE FLASK AND BOBBY'S FACE WHEN HE LOOKED AT DEAN ;_______________; idk how do they do it but ;____; show, damn you, that's why I didn't want you to kill him in the first place. Brb needing gen Dean & Bobby fic now. Also Sam's rationalizing of them seeing him everywhere was heartbreaking ;___; I just - I CAN'T OKAY. Also because short of Cas resurrecting Bobby again someway this is going to end in a weepfest however it goes and I'm not sure I can deal with it. Ugh, show, that's why I miss the Dean/Sam/Cas/Bobby show (WITH SUPPORTING PEOPLE WE KNEW), because the moment they're on, you become so much better. ;__;

And that's my two cents.

g. In short: episode wasn't bad and wasn't OMG THIS GOOD EITHER except that the last five minutes were worth the entirety of it. Those, Dean with the sword, Dean's face and the random sushi guy who has all my appreciation. And after this, please show, DON'T EVER MAKE DEAN TOUCH ALCOHOL AGAIN. Thank you.

2. Aaaand, vampire pornography!


b. First: Damon Salvatore, your hallucinations while you're bleeding out make me want to hug you.

c. Also: DAMON AND ALARIC I CAN'T YOU'RE TOO PERFECT. Damon being all like 'Elena you ARE NOT SEEING MY BOYFRIEND' at the beginning while they were all preparing the stakes inside was delicious. And the you're not going to turn yourself in thing. And OMG THE ENDIIING 'YOU HAVE A VAMPIRE HATING ALTER EGO THAT COULD POSSIBLY KILL MY BLOODLINE' OMG I CAN'T THE ANGST THE GLORIOUS ANGST.

d. Also: Caroline Forbes is flawless. Gosh, if everyone was like her. I loved that she was able to process the entire 'Alaric killed my dad' thing with some rationality and that instead of eating him she was that level-headed. When she said that maybe the guy she killed had a family too it was just - CAROLINE, THANK YOU. Mostly because she was mature enough to see the big picture, and vampires in this show aren't much famous for being able to look past their own small picture.

e. ... BONNIE LET ME HUG YOU ;__________; I'm sure everyone is hating on her because she didn't rescue Damon when she could, but cut her some slack. She was forced to break that spell after her mom got turned into a vampire and left her all over again, what was she supposed to do considering that Damon had been the one to turn her? You don't do rational in that kind of situation.

f. For some reason, I enjoyed Klaus kind of a lot this round. Who'd have known. That whole storyline with Finn and Sage could have been more drawn out - I mean am I supposed to buy they OMG LOVE EACH OTHER?, but whatever. I never watched this show for the plot anyway.

g. Okay. Uh. I have to confess that when Elena and Stefan had that scene towards the end where they Discussed Feelings.. I might have thought 'well, if this show gives me THIS every week, I can live with SPN withholding my ship from me for the next month or so'. PEOPLE SERIOUSLY SINCE WHEN DID I START SHIPPING THOSE TWO THIS MUCH? I can't - I might have wanted to cry there. OMG ELENA BEING LIKE I NEVER STOPPED LOVING YOU AND STEFAN'S FACE AND AAH OH MY GOD ;_______; I can't. All the feelings. And it makes me feel horrible for Damon because it's obvious that he loves Elena THAT much (I mean, who did he hallucinate when he was bleeding out?) and it's obvious that they're going to do more than randomly kiss before this season is over, but she said she doesn't know what she feels for him when she does know what she feels for his brother and - OH DAMN THAT'S HOW YOU DO TRIANGLES.

h. So hahahah now they can't kill originals because otherwise everyone that isn't human dies? Oops, that means that basically the only ones surviving are Matt and Bonnie? XDDD no seriously I can't wait to see how they work around THAT. Especially because it's not like they can kill Damon, Stefan and Caroline in one go since they're all from the same bloodline. :// And that said: can't all shows I watch take a page from the vampire porn and follow the NO FILLER rule? Because I can't remember this show having a filler episode in the last two seasons and it's so much fun and I enjoy it so much and tbh I can see why it's the only CW show that brings home the good ratings... *cough* that said omg this episode was excellent okay.

3. Also, meme from cassiopeia7! Beware: if Jane Austen is your favorite writer and Emma is your favorite book, just scroll when I discuss that.

1. Leave a comment to this post, specifically saying that you would like a letter.
2. I will give you a letter.
3. Post the names of five fictional characters whose names begin with that letter, and your thoughts on each. The characters can be from books, movies, or TV shows.

I got the letter E.

1. Eliot Rosewater, from God Bless You Mr. Rosewater and other assorted Vonnegut novels: I LOVE this man. To. Pieces. Probably unpopular opinion here, but God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater is my favorite Vonnegut book for a whole lot of reasons. But the main character is totally one. I utterly fell for this uber rich guy who gets the mad/crazy rep just because he's a kind person and who actually uses his money to help others instead of hoarding it for himself and who loves mediocre science fiction. I mean, guy has all the faults a a regular guy could have, but I can't help loving someone who risks getting declared clinically insane only because he's rich and wants to help others since he can.

2. Elvira, from Mozart's Don Giovanni: so, uh, this woman used to be my role model when I was seven. Deduce what you will from it. But seriously, apart from me being obsessed with her arias back then, I can't help admiring someone as stubborn as her because you have to possess some force of will to try so relentlessly to get back the guy you want and said guy is named Don Giovanni. Also to be honest I just wanted her to be happy because seriously, when the love of your life marries you, then dumps you, then you find out that you're the last of a list including hundreds, then he makes you believe that he wants you and instead sends you off with his servant and then he goes to hell, you really do deserve it. Clearly she never got to be happy but I still respect her a whole damn lot. I guess I'm just fascinated with her actions and the reasons driving her. And that said, she has some of the best music ever. Listen to that trio in the beginning of act two and tell me you aren't moved, I dare you. ;)

3. Eowyn, from Tolkien's Lord of the Rings: oh, hi, my other role model. Having stated that in LOTR I was firmly on team men, while I was reading it I hadn't been expecting to find that many interesting female characters also considering what it was about - I mean seriously, in the books Arwen is there for like five pages. And then this FIERCE person happens, and it was love at first sight. I love everything about that woman. That she never let her gender stop her, that she totally went to war even if she was told to stay at home because she wanted it, that she SLEW A DARNED NAZGUL SHOUTING AT HIM THAT SHE WAS NO MAN and that after going through abject misery she ended up having the most touching love story in that darned book (seriously, Aragorn and Arwen WHO? Faramir and Eowyn were the real deal!), and then she got to be happy with someone who wanted her the way she was and OH GOSH MY FEELINGS. Not to mention that she chose it the same way she chose all of her previous action and no seriously, Eowyn was the best. End of story. (Not to mention that I always envied her a bit because Faramir was my favorite but seriously, my love. I rarely was so happy to see two people hook up.)

4. Emma Woodhouse, from Jane Austen's Emma: or, before I word vomit on my favorite person ever, get some word vomit about my least favorite. Or close to it, anyway. Premise: I generally dislike Jane Austen's books mostly because I really, really couldn't care less about more or less rich women who have to find a suitable husband, and I'm one of the three people on this planet who wouldn't want her own Darcy to sweep her off her feet (oh please NO), but ffs Emma Woodhouse? I threw that book against the wall at least three times. Point is, according to everyone I should appreciate her because hey, she's AN EMANCIPATED WOMAN. No. She's a prissy, spoiled kid who dove me crazy with all her idiotic meddling in others' affairs (seriously, if I had been her friend that she wanted to find a husband for I'd have punched her ten times) and who thought she was oh so much better than everyone, but other than that? She's the incarnation of all my problems with Austen in general, meaning that all of these supposedly emancipated woman who are oh so modern and oh so interesting always, ALWAYS, have an epiphany on the second to last chapter when they're like OMG I'M SO IN LOVE WITH THE GUY WHO'S BEEN OGLING ME SINCE PAGE TEN. Mr. Knightley wasn't even the worst of the bunch and you couldn't blame him for being totally patronizing with Emma since she's darned fucking patronizing with EVERYONE including him, but when at the end the 'oh I'm so NOT GETTING MARRIED AT ALL' heroine goes like '... BUT OMG I WAS IN LOVE WITH HIM ALL ALONG, MR. KNIGHTLEY OH WILL YOU FORGIVE MY FOOLISHNESS AND LET'S GET MARRIED' I was about to cry. Obviously all these oh so modern women can't wait to fall into the arms of the guy who was meant for them/wanted to marry them! And gosh, I never sympathized much with Liz in P&P, but at least she wasn't a such an insufferable, smartass, patronizing spoiled girl. And don't give me the 'but Austen is sarcastic!' argument because a) I don't find her writing that sarcastic at all and b) it doesn't make Emma or the entire book more bearable.

5. Eddie Dean, from Stephen King's Dark Tower series: or, have my Favorite Person Ever. No, seriously, just to stay on topic with the previous point: why the heck should I want a Mr. Darcy when I can want an Eddie Dean? I fell for the guy pretty much three pages after he first showed up in book two, and that was before just when you knew that he had an idiotic brother and endless self-esteem issues. Then it turned out that he had the absolutely tasteless and questionable sense of humor that will win yours truly over at any time (I like tasteless humor, okay? If you want to make me fall at your feet, you have to throw clever and questionable jokes at me), that he had guts to sell (seriously, shooting at an entire room of gangsters while naked and while being a drug addict? DO WE WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT?!!!), that he could actually be pretty darned sweet and emphatic (seriously, when he and Susannah kissed for the first time I was dying of how darned NICE could someone be in that kind of situation), and I was gone. But the point is that he's the only normal person in the group of protagonists and the one who seemed less likely to accomplish shit, since apart from the drug addiction he had lived for years with people who convinced him that he wasn't much good for anything, and he's the one no one takes seriously because of the tasteless joking. And then not only he kind of becomes the glue of the group along the way, but he saves everyone's ass multiple times, overcomes all of his problems through trial and error and not magical happenings, shows everyone that he's actually pretty darned smart and he totally doesn't throw away his second chance. It was like 'hey, see that guy who you wouldn't have bet would do anything with his life? WELL LOOK AT THIS NOW.' And gosh the way he gets others, it gets to me xD It's just - Eddie Dean in my head is synonym for flawless human being. That's why he's actually my ideal guy - he was in a shitty situation and had a shitty life, and when realizing that he could do better than it, he sucked it up and DID better than it. This while cracking me up every couple of lines, except that after cracking you up he delivered that line that made you understand that he wasn't just an empty-headed kind-of-pretty face. The depths in which I love that fictional guy are scary, but it's also why I'll cry forever if they do a DT movie and fuck him up. Oh, and he's half of my First OTP That Will Always Be My Number One OTP (Roland/Eddie fyi, you have no idea how hard I ship it/shipped it. Dean/Cas comes close but R/E is still my favorite forever.)

... that was long. TLDR: this man is flawless and he's the best thing Stephen King ever came up with and if you have to read one thing by SK, read the darned Dark Tower.

4. GAME OF THRONES IS BACK TODAY! :DD or well, tomorrow for me, but OMG I CAN'T DEAL. Expect flailing posts at some point tomorrow afternoon. And after I ran into [this gif which was made from the last trailer] [I mean LOOK AT LORAS' FACE OMG AND HER FACE I CAN'T] I might have had an attack of utter, deep flail. Gosh, if that's in episode one and I really do watch it in the uni's courtyard no one is ever going to talk to me casually ever again because there'll be scary squeeing on my side. I can't waaait.

5. And after this word-vomiting post, I'll go and try to finish my 7x17 coda fic which I've started last week and whose ending I need to figure out. Or better, I need to figure out how to get to the ending in a way that I actually like. Hopefully it's going to happen before the hiatus is over...
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imora_mi_savur: aryaimora_mi_savur on April 1st, 2012 10:56 am (UTC)
Urgh, everything you said about Jane Austin, just YES, THIS, EXACTLY! I cannot stand her books. I never saw the sarcasm that they're supposed to be so full of, and her so called heroine's were the template for all the annoying, self righteous, whiny women in literature today, and Emma is by far the worst. Seriously, Bella Swan? Totally Austin's fault.

Cannot wait for GoT tonight, I'm actually counting down in hours now lol.

I'll take a letter please :)
the female ghost of tom joad: asoiaf >> sansajanie_tangerine on April 1st, 2012 11:09 am (UTC)
I LOVE YOUR FIRST PARAGRAPH. THAT. Oh, sure, she invented the modern woman in literature. Are we kidding? Emma was the worst out of the bunch but uuugh just NO. And then I get told that Jane Eyre is OMG SO WHINY AND UNSUFFERABLE in comparison to Austen characters. How about no. *team Bronte forever*


Mmmh give me give me give me... I'll have a J. :)
888mph888mph on April 1st, 2012 03:13 pm (UTC)
YES! Everything about this!!!

Give me a letter, please.
the female ghost of tom joad: sort-of-stock-purposesjanie_tangerine on April 1st, 2012 08:06 pm (UTC)
C for you :)
cassiopeia7: Dean&Sam&Bobby: Familycassiopeia7 on April 1st, 2012 11:14 am (UTC)

Their eyes. That was what finally broke me to tears. It was the last few minutes that had me teetering, but it was totally the Bobby-Dean interaction that did me in. Bobby looking all abandoned and lost; Dean all happy and "There you are!", then grabbing the flask; and the look in Bobby's eyes when he realized he couldn't be seen. *cries*

. . . and then Dean pausing in the doorway like he'd felt something after all. OMG, Show, what you do to me!

Brb needing gen Dean & Bobby fic now.

You know, if ANYBODY is capable of writing the perfect coda to that last scene . . . her name is janie_tangerine. Just sayin'. ;)

short of Cas resurrecting Bobby again someway this is going to end in a weepfest however it goes and I'm not sure I can deal with it.

Weepfest, yeah. Because Bobby won't want to stick around for all eternity like that, and Dean loves him enough to not let him. I have a few thoughts on how it might go down, and I only hope Show's writers are thinking in the same direction. Bobby deserves a proper sendoff.


Dean's liver also thanks you. ;)

You are bound and determined to get me to look into that vampire pornography show, aren't you? Posting all these intriguing tidbits and all. ;)
the female ghost of tom joad: LOL DEAN/DAMON FTWWWWjanie_tangerine on April 1st, 2012 11:29 am (UTC)
I know? I KNOW? Those two - I can't deal. That scene was just so perfect and I just - I so wanted Dean to see him ;____; Bobbyyy ;___; my heart is broken. BROKEN. But I'm really glad that Bobby is back for real.

... yeah but I still need to finish the coda to the previous episode ;) ;) I'll see when I figure that one out... ;)

The only sensible way would be for them to give him a send off when everyone is aware of it, but I'm not sure I can take it after the first time Bobby died ;________; ugh Bobby why did you have to go in the first place?

Dean's liver needs a petition for its preservation. Wtf they were thinking when they decided that he was okay to drink? Especially if he had been sober for a while. I can't even.

YES, I WANT YOU TO TRY THE VAMPIRE PORN. The first six episodes are abysmal, but after that it only gets better. It's.. well, it's a silly show since y'know, VAMPIRES IN HIGH SCHOOL, but differently from what everyone else does they don't try to be more than what they are. They know that it's a silly show with a premise that's been done a bunch of times and they make the most out of it. It has great characters, one of the few believable vampire/human romances where the girl is eighteen that I've ever seen (where the girl had the nerve to be like 'you know my life doesn't revolve around you' to the boyfriend - omg!) and on top of that, all the very pretty men in it are often shirtless. And THERE ARE NO FILLERS. Their pacing is something wonderful. ;) And yes, I'm totally trying to sell it to you but I just think that they deserve praise since they're doing a good show with a barely decent premise. ;)
cassiopeia7: Bobby: is a Dean girl!cassiopeia7 on April 1st, 2012 12:10 pm (UTC)
to give him a send off when everyone is aware of

I'm thinking that either Dean will end up salting and burning that flask -- with Bobby's full blessings. Or Bobby will choose to go off into the light (like Molly from "Roadkill", or even how John did it in AHBL2) I'm gonna cry no matter what, but I really, really hope Bobby gets to "go gentle into that good night" rather than the standard flaming, screaming sendoff ghosts tend to get. Bobby deserves that much.

ugh Bobby why did you have to go in the first place?

Seriously. Friggin' writers got a little too kill-happy, that is for SURE. What were they THINKING?? D:


Whaaaat? Those guys are a little mature to be in high school, surely?

all the very pretty men in it are often shirtless

Ooh, BINGO!! And you know, just because of that icon, I'll be sure to check out a couple of episodes. ;) Even though icon!dude really should fear Dean Winchester. Just ask Crowley -- or any number of deceased, formerly badass supernatural beings. ;)
the female ghost of tom joad: LOL DEAN/DAMON FTWWWWjanie_tangerine on April 1st, 2012 12:14 pm (UTC)
Omg I'm so with you on the entire Bobby thing. let's hope he can go like that ;_____; because I really can't take it if he goes crazy or anything like that. BOBBYYY ;____;

I know? Writers YOU'RE SADISTIC.

Well, to be entirely truthful they forgot about the whole high school thing before mid S1 was over - right now they remember that just when it suits them. ;) but if you're checking out a couple eps skip the first seven of S1 and look at eight instead, if you watched the pilot you'd be horrified and run away screaming. The beginning was godawful, but then it just got gloriously better.

And ahahahah icon!dude is my favorite. I love his face and his snark and tbh I think he and Dean would make the best crossover couple ever, but. XD
cassiopeia7: Dean: readingcassiopeia7 on April 1st, 2012 11:48 am (UTC)
(Because uber-long post gets a two-part response.) :D

God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater is my favorite Vonnegut book for a whole lot of reasons. But the main character is totally one.

I am intrigued. Mainly because I'm kind of a Vonnegut!anarchist myself, what with Welcome to the Monkey House being my favorite Vonnegut, ("All the King's Horses," my favorite piece within.) I've always gotten the raised eyebrow for choosing that book as my fave. ;)

Elvira, from Mozart's Don Giovanni . . . I can't help admiring someone as stubborn as her

*delivers standing ovation*
*pulls out Don Giovanni CDs to have a listen at that trio*
(Don't shoot, but my utter favorite is the Giovanni/Zerlina duo from Act One.) :D

Aragorn and Arwen WHO? Faramir and Eowyn were the real deal!

I must come to Italy and hug you just for that sentence alone. &hearts

all of these supposedly emancipated woman who are oh so modern and oh so interesting always, ALWAYS, have an epiphany on the second to last chapter when they're like OMG I'M SO IN LOVE WITH THE GUY WHO'S BEEN OGLING ME SINCE PAGE TEN.

. . . and then Miss Emancipation immediately FALLS AT HIS FEET. Dear God, this. THIS.

Okay, if I quoted everything I loved about your Eddie Dean commentary, I'd be copy-pasting the whole thing. So I'll just say this: That is the most beautiful love letter to a fictional character that I've ever read. And you're really making me want to re-read those books. &hearts

. . . and this:
why the heck should I want a Mr. Darcy when I can want an Eddie Dean?


(I gave you "E" because of Eddie Dean. The "Emma" section was a delightful bonus of snark.) ;)
the female ghost of tom joad: dark tower roland/eddiejanie_tangerine on April 1st, 2012 12:29 pm (UTC)
Heee yay for Vonnegut anarchists who don't necessarily love Slaughterhouse Five better than the others! Tbh I love Mr. Rosewater because of the whole spin on how if you're a decent person and have money and want to use it to do good for others you're automatically considered crazy - and I thought the entire thing was genius. Also I kind of loved that it made a statement that if you're poor/don't have money/didn't have much luck in life it doesn't mean that you're necessarily slacking off or don't deserve help. And I loved that it also brought back some of my favorite things in Slaughterhouse Five (Trout, the Dresden bombing) but that it was an entirely different spin. I just have a lots of feelings about this one. (Also your favorite is totally an excellent choice too XD)

And haha the DG/Zerlina duet is amazing! Totally great choice. My favorite is probably the second act finale though... ;) and that said my favorite single aria will never not be Elvira's first one. <3

*virtual hug* FARAMIR AND EOWYN WERE EPIC. What were the movies thinking, sidelining the one TOLD love story in that book for making up the Aragorn/Arwen stuff? ;) Especially when they had that perfect flawless beauty that Faramir/Eowyn was?

Gosh I know about Emma? Miss Emancipation is a patronizing know it all for all the book and then whoooops, I KNEW NOTHING OH MY PLEASE MAN OF MY LIFE FORGIVE ME. Thanks, I'll take Jane Eyre or any Catherine from Wuthering Heights at any time. They might be less shiny (and more crazy) but at least they never fell at anyone's feet after all of that charade. Ugh. Hate. Which is also why I hate that entire 'every woman wants a Mr. Darcy' thing that everyone is so high on - dude, I don't want a rich guy who thinks he's holier than thou and whose mistakes are always perfectly justified and who spends an entire book being an ass. But then we find out that he's OMG SO FLAWLESS and we're supposed to go along with it? Pfff. No thanks. I'll have all the Eddie Deans in the world. ;)

And that said aw thanks <333 I think it's obvious that I'm a trifle obsessed with that guy but my fifteen year old self was so charmed, she could barely resist. I mean, how can you not fall for someone who manages to stop a crazy train with dead baby jokes? ;) also YESS RE-READ THEM. They're always good for the soul. Okay, the last one a bit less, but. ;)
cassiopeia7: Mozart: crazy Amadeuscassiopeia7 on April 1st, 2012 01:33 pm (UTC)
Any excuse to dig into the Mozart is a good excuse for me. ;) So, the Elvira trio you mentioned -- is it Ah Taci, Ingiusto Core!, or another one? I had a bit of trouble looking through the track listing. (And this is where I wish I could really read Italian. Following the libretto along with the performers and quickly jumping over to the English translation so I know what the hell just happened . . . just doesn't cut it.) :(

What were the movies thinking, sidelining the one TOLD love story in that book for making up the Aragorn/Arwen stuff?

I will never figure it out for sure, but maybe . . . because Faramir/Eowyn's passion wasn't loud and in-your-face enough for the moviemakers? Or maybe because, even for fans of the books, they weren't exactly sitting at the cool kids' table? One thing I remember from when the movies first came out was the great uproar over the omission of Tom Bombadil and his songs. Him, fans made a fuss over, but not so much fuss over the back-burnering of Faramir and Eowyn. IDGI.

I'll take Jane Eyre or any Catherine from Wuthering Heights at any time. They might be less shiny (and more crazy) but at least they never fell at anyone's feet after all of that charade.

"less shiny (and more crazy)" . . . LOL, way to get the point across! You would make an EXCELLENT Lit teacher, you really would. Oh, if only one of my instructors had said something like that. If only.

how can you not fall for someone who manages to stop a crazy train with dead baby jokes?

Hehehe. Excellent point. And poor Blaine, having to deal with a human even crazier than he was. Bet he never saw that coming. XD

Edited at 2012-04-01 01:34 pm (UTC)
the female ghost of tom joad: lotr eowynjanie_tangerine on April 1st, 2012 01:59 pm (UTC)
I meant that one, yes! It makes me cryyy ;____; she's just so HOPEFUL in there and you know she's getting screwed all over again and ;_____; sometimes I just hope that she and Leporello hooked up after the ending so they could commiserate together about Giovanni, lol. Just because they'd totally get each other. ;)

Maybe because it was too late and it wouldn't work for all the three movies? (Stupid thing, since gosh seriously they were so amazing, they could have worked five minutes of that in the last movie. Especially since THE PUBLIC WANTS LOVE STORIES. Siigh, they'd have been so good considering that they hooked up in one of the darker moments.) I remember the Bombadil fussing too, but tbh I can get why they cut that part - movie-wise it would have meant just stalling the action and in the book it felt like a completely separated story. Except that meh, I'll just be forever sad that Faramir and Eowyn got relegated to the director's cut and that they haven't kept the part where they kiss on the ramparts. Which had the best dialogue eveeeer. Sigh. Never mind that I had to sit through the Aragorn/Arwen invented parts which were mostly boring...

Heee I actually did want to teach English Lit so that I could diffuse the verb of Emily Bronte.. before realizing that in this country studying English Lit means not getting a job until you're forty if you're lucky. But srsly I just hate that at least here any English lit written by a woman gets sidelined by darned Jane Austen. I'd rather have the not shiny crazy women over any Austen girl - heck, at least Jane Eyre wasn't shiny but knew what real problems meant and chose the guy she wanted on her own (regardless of the fact that Rochester wasn't the kind of fake jerk that turns out to be Prince Charming *cough*), she didn't exactly fall at his feet. And the crazy Catherine from WU was miles more interesting than any of those supposedly modern Austen women. Yeah, right. (And the second Catherine rocked - I'd like to see an Austen character marrying someone that -she- has to teach how to read... Emma wouldn't have looked at poor Hareton twice. Too badly raised. ;) ) [and hee sorry for the rant. My anti-Austen feelings run deep. ;)]

I know? XDDDDDDDDD Blaine hadn't really a chance against that. Oh Eddie. You and your crappy jokes. <333
cassiopeia7: Mozart: crazy Amadeuscassiopeia7 on April 2nd, 2012 02:58 pm (UTC)
sometimes I just hope that she and Leporello hooked up

LOL, not after that fic you wrote. I think Leporello's heart is already taken. ;D

in this country studying English Lit means not getting a job until you're forty if you're lucky.

Alas, it means the same in this country. D: Which is why this English Lit major spent half her life in IT and software tech support. :(

I'd like to see an Austen character marrying someone that -she- has to teach how to read... Emma wouldn't have looked at poor Hareton twice. Too badly raised

*jaw drops* Holy cow, I never thought of that. Dayum, why weren't my English professors more like you?
getting the chocolate in the peanut butterdotfic on April 1st, 2012 02:28 pm (UTC)
SPN was a ninja about Bobby's appearance. A SUPER SNEAKY STEALTH NINJA. I'm impressed. <3 And I cried, even though I watched after everyone else had and had read the spoilers. Possibly if I'd watched it unwares, I would've jumped out of my chair while crying and flailing. Hee.

The way they had Dean drinking in this ep was ridiculous, but I was very happy about the Cas mentions and BOBBY OMG BOBBY and Dean with a samurai sword, and the Sam and Dean moments were top-notch. Sam being Dean's eyes on the invisible monster thing; Sam's concern for Dean; and the conversation they had about grief. It was beautiful.

*snerk* Garth/Becky? PERFECT. No really, that's perfect, and solves so many of my issues. (The only 2 characters in the history of the show I cannot. Stand. Ship them together! It's brilliant! :D)
the female ghost of tom joad: supernatural dean/castiel 5.0janie_tangerine on April 1st, 2012 08:35 pm (UTC)
Hee they were so stealthy! ;DDDDD not that I minded though - sometimes it's better to be surprised. <33 and omg that bit was just so TOUCHING. Though it totally reinforced my opinion that this show is better with both Cas and Bobby in it...

Ugh. I KNOW. I can't deal with the part about the drinking - I'm expecting the finale to be about Dean going into liver failure before they can go after Dick :/// but yeah, Cas mention and Bobby were good and I totally forgot to mention the part with Sam guiding Dean with the sword but that part was <3333333 too. And I still can't help thinking that the random sushi guy should be recurring, since he provided the only parts which I found funny at all.. XD

Lol idk from the ending of 7x08 and that thing he was saying on the phone I gathered it was Becky. meh. I just don't care either way but I'm still pissed about that episode because I actually liked Becky before. Sort of. Meh.)
joy: dean » i'm the son of rage and lovejoyyjpg on April 1st, 2012 02:55 pm (UTC)
I kinda got the impression from last week that Dean and Sam knew Meg was at he hospital? IDK, but anyway -- DEAN CALLING TO CHECK UP ON HIM, ALDJFKJDHKJHDF. While letting Sam drive because Dean can't drive with all of these feels, okay. ;D

I loved the different degrees of how much it took to get each one of them drunk. Garth: lightweight. Sam: middleweight. Dean: HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD. Which kinda made me lol but also made me want to weep because it's just a sign of how much he's been drinking this season. :(

I feel like everyone has known for half the season that it was ghost!Bobby helping them out all this time, but BOBBEH!!!!!!!!! :D

Also: I'd like a letter for the meme please!
the female ghost of tom joad: supernatural dean 2.0janie_tangerine on April 1st, 2012 08:42 pm (UTC)
I had that impression too but they didn't say it outright, so it was good to have it confirmed. :) and OH MY GOD I KNOW? HE CALLED TO CHECK UP! WHILE SAM DROVE! <3333333333

Hahahah that was actually good, though re Dean it's worrying - I mean, if you're at the point where you can't even get drunk anymore then it means you're this close to pull an Edgar Allan Poe and... no, okay. DEAN WE WANT YOUR LIVER TO BE FINE.

It was good to actually see him though ;) ;)

Sure! You get R :)
goldenusagigoldenusagi on April 1st, 2012 03:16 pm (UTC)
That is one thing TVD does well--no filler. Every episode is building on something and moving toward something. But mainly, it just doesn't have the "oh, that's the X episode" thing going for it. What I mean is, there's rarely an episode that is centered around one thing, with only one thing going on. You know, like how I can say with SPN--the time travel episode, the body switch episode, the convention episode, the Anti-christ episode, the wishing well episode, etc. Ditto with BtVS. Good episodes, bad episodes--many can be summed up with a few words. With TVD, this is rarely the case. It is interesting that it moves more like a fast soap opera (or like, say, Desperate Housewive) than a genre show that's plotted out with major eps intersected by filler, or entire episodes that simply stand alone. There's no TVD equivalent so something like Changing Channels or Hush.
the female ghost of tom joad: supernatural castiel 8.0janie_tangerine on April 1st, 2012 08:48 pm (UTC)
Yeah that's totally a good point, they're more for telling an entire story in a flow rather than centering episodes on this or that - they did it in early S1 but they were done with it a long time ago anyway. But I think that it works better for them anyway - if they had to do self-contained episodes like Buffy or SPN in a show about vampires going to high school it'd end up being a Buffy duplicate and possibly not of the good kind. While like this they're knocking it out of the park :)
morganlucas41morganlucas41 on April 1st, 2012 07:02 pm (UTC)
I pretty much agree with everything you said about 7.18...it was good, not great, but not awful either. Except for the last 5 minutes which were GOLD. I wept, too - it was just so good to see Bobby again! Also, his and Dean's faces - ahhhh, I just can't. Amazing.

Yeahhh before 7.17 I always thought that if Cas were somehow alive, he's pretty much the only being (short of God, or Death I guess) that could resurrect Bobby. And maaaybe now he still will, and I sort of want him to. But I have no idea how that would play out. So I guess we'll see.

Also, agreed totally on Garth. I don't love or hate him, but I really just don't care about him at all because I MISS the supporting characters we already knew/loved. The show IS better when it's Sam/Dean/Cas/Bobby and even throw in a few other friends/foes - it's more interesting, it allows Sam and Dean to do more than just stare at each other and not talk about anything, and I miss it.

Buuuut I guess we had Cas last ep and Bobby in this one, so things can only get better from here on out! Here's hoping, anyway :)
the female ghost of tom joad: supernatural team free will #3janie_tangerine on April 1st, 2012 08:27 pm (UTC)

Meh, I don't -know- what I want out of this - it's like, if Cas resurrects Bobby it kind of cheapens the entire point of killing Bobby, but I don't want Bobby to be dead either and I never wanted him dead in the first place, so.. we'll just see where it goes I guess.

That. I can appreciate that he's a hunter who's not a total self-sacrificing fanatic,but that's all that I have to say about him - I don't dislike him enough to outright hate him but I can't even say I like him. He doesn't make a difference whatsoever, while the dead supportings and Cas/Bobby DO make one. :/ and yeah, Sam and Dean staring at each other imo worked until S2 and it already wasn't working as well in S3, I'd rather have them interact with anyone else. But yeah, not whtat the both are back, we can just hope it gets better :DDD
morganlucas41: 503 dean cas sammorganlucas41 on April 1st, 2012 09:36 pm (UTC)
Yeah. I mean, I guess I still don't really know what the point was of killing Bobby. Beyond making the boys have to fend for themselves. And if Cas is the one to bring him back...well, then that's one more way he can redeem himself, which is good I guess, but then again, it sort of feels like they're just using him...which is not good. So I really don't know.

Bottom line, of course I want Bobby back, but I don't know what the point of killing him was. Soooo we'll see I guess. I just know that I don't want him to become a vengeful spirit - that would be the worst thing possible, IMO.

Yeah, Sam and Dean really need to talk to other people since they really DON'T talk to each other. It's the only way to make storylines go forward.
Lou: ASOIF Jaimegottalovev on April 1st, 2012 07:06 pm (UTC)
I didn't expect to see Bobby either and it almost broke my heart when Bobby thought Dean could seem him but it turned out he couldn't. gah. of course he'd stay to help them, of course. How can they doubt that? D:

"no filler episode" policy is the best description of TVD ever. shit HAPPENS. every time. Like Caroline being my favorite and Stefan/Elena continuing to baffle me with making me root for a canon het pairing. I hear you, darling. I hear you.

it better not be a pain in the ass to download Got tonight now that MU is kaput. I neeeed it, precious!
the female ghost of tom joad: asoiaf >> jaime 2.0janie_tangerine on April 1st, 2012 08:18 pm (UTC)
I didn't expect to see him either! I knew that he had to be around but I wasn't expecting him to show up at all also because Jim Beaver had kept it strictly secret. And OMG I know, BOBBY'S FACE WHEN HE REALIZED DEAN WASN'T SEEING HIM ;_____; my feelings I can't contain them.

I KNOW? That's why I love the vampire porn. They don't waste time with useless stuff, also because they probably know that they can't afford it, but seriously if everything I watch was paced the same way it'd all be shinier. And I KNOW ABOUT CAROLINE AND STEFAN AND ELENA gosh I can't. My. Darned. Feelings. Those two and their stupidly good het romance.

UGH I KNOW ABOUT THAT TOO. I'll keep my eyes open for links/torrents/whatever. I can't wait for more than one day to see it. ;)
The Cleaveragekel_reiley on April 1st, 2012 11:08 pm (UTC)

a. was it just me? or was the vengeance spirit just not scary at all? (and did not look very japanese, either)

c. i knoooooooooooww, dean was doing so well there for a while :( though i kind of don't think he's been totally sober at all in the last 4 years...

d. that cleared up my question from last week, at least

e. omg he was TOTALLY calling becky! i kind of like him - i wouldn't want him around ALL THE TIME but if he shows up again i hope he doesn't get killed or anything

f. BOBBY <3 <3 <3

there needs to be SO MUCH fic of Bobby taking care of the boys when John leaves them with him (um, GEN fic, obviously) b/c the scenes between Bobby and Dean are always so asdfghjkl!!! In season 4, 5, 6, the beginning of 7 after Cas was "lost" - my HEART.


the female ghost of tom joad: supernatural bobby is the awesomenessjanie_tangerine on April 2nd, 2012 11:48 am (UTC)
a) nah, it wasn't just you. It was less scary than usual, and talks one who doesn't find SPN monsters particularly scary half of the time...

c) exactly. damn, it was the first time in years he actually probably stayed sober (tho well I guess he wasn't on drinking binges while with Lisa), WHY DO YOU GET HIM DRUNK? sigh.


f) omg I know? the dean and bobby stuff is just - AAAAAH. <3333 gosh I love their relationship so much, I CAN'T. It's like when bobby told dean that he was his favorite in that episode where everyone was obliged to tell the truth when speaking to someone - I DIEEDDD.

5. I KNOW. AND ROBB. ROOOBBB. AND BRIENNE (at some point xD)
The Cleaveragekel_reiley on April 2nd, 2012 08:01 pm (UTC)
a) well, if they were going for that whole Japanese horror flick element (the ring, etc.), I think they failed on that score :( but yeah, none of the monsters are ever particularly scary

c) i think he's been at least buzzed since he got out of hell, probably even when he was with Lisa (is he going to have a total meltdown at the end of this season or what?)

f) RIGHT? and in Bobby's stroll down memory lane, playing catch with Dean? I would love to see more of that, and it would be nice if Sam was there, too, wee little Sam ♥

ozmissage: GoT. Brienne. winter will never comeozmissage on April 2nd, 2012 04:42 am (UTC)
THAT GIF. *flails*

I picked up a copy of the first Dark Tower book (at least, I think it's the first one) at a Goodwill ages ago, but I never read it because I always have terrible luck with King novels. You are seriously making me want to give it a shot though. I want to meet Eddie, darn it!

Can I have a letter, please? <3
the female ghost of tom joad: asoiaf >> brienne 2.0janie_tangerine on April 2nd, 2012 06:35 am (UTC)

Heee Eddie gets there in book two but you should totally read the DT. ;) It's sooo worth it. And it's not really the typical King thing - okay, it is with the violence/rating but the rest is basically Lord of the Rings meets spaghetti western! Okay, it's obvious that I'll try to sell it as much as I can, huh? ;)

Sure thing! Have a T. :)