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22 May 2012 @ 07:24 pm
game of thrones 2x08, the prince of winterfell  
Uhm, okay. This is mostly good but there's one thing I'm majorly pissed about so thread careeefulllyy. Also labeled book spoilers under the spoiler tag but since idk if it works with cellphones pay attention.



LOOK AT MY SHINY OTP FINALLY SHARING SCREENTIME AND SAILING TOGETHER IN THE SUNSET FOR THE BEST THING EVER THAT WAS IN THESE BOOKS. Okay fine that can be argued but the Jaime/Brienne roadtrip top three, end of story. SERIOUSLY. NCW marry me. You're too good. And too snarky. And too attractive for your own good even when you're filthy. And Gwen you're PERFECT and lol when she said 'DO YOU THINK I'M AN IDIOT GET INTO THE BOAT NOW'. Srsly. The best. THE BEST. EVERYTHING I EVER WANTED seriously. Now I just need to see that certain thing that happens for sure in the finale and then I can be happy until next year.

2. Well no okay let's be fair. It also happened that they thankfully didn't wait until the finale to show us that Bran and Rickon didn't in fact die, which won't make the Theon bashing less vocal but at least maybe some people will cut with it and I'll be able to be around the internet from now instead of having to wait until the finale. *glares* Also Osha you're awesome.

3. Okay, THEON AND ASHA (Yara who?) happened too. Now, first thing.. seriously. I feel horrible for poor Theon even if he doesn't even know wtf he's doing. Then again the moment he saw his sister's reaction to his great deed and when no one even stopped to greet him at the gates I was like - ugh I just want someone to give him some validation. Sure, he threw Robb's out of the window but I can't exactly blame him can I. Siiigh. And their moment over there when she had the men out (WELL, it was time) before trying to convince him was lovely - I mean, jfc, it was kinda heartbreaking because by then he's truly and beyond fucked up and he would have never agreed to go back with her, but if she had told him something like that BEFORE, possibly on Pyke, maybe he wouldn't have been that much of an idiot. Or had that much of an urge to prove himself. :/ That said it was nice to see her doing it - I don't remember if she was as.. well, nice in the book but it gives me hope for stuff they should be getting right a long time from now.

Also: THEON. SIGH. ;___; YOU POOR FUCKED UP TRAINWRECK, let me weep for you. Though tbh considering the title of the episode I was kind of really hoping to see more of him, fine fine I WANTED THE NIGHTMARES/HALLUCINATIONS HE HAD IN ACOK OKAY.

4. I could probably watch the Tyrion & Bronn spin-off. *snort*

5. Mmmh damn I wish I had more to say about Arya's part but I realized that I don't remember that well what happened at the end of her ACOK chapters, but whatever, I enjoyed a lot for now. Also Hot Pie <3 and GENDRY <3

6. I don't see what need there was to make Jon's story that contrived and having Qhorin captured instead of just doing it the way it originally was, but at least I'm glad they're following the book on that.

7. First change I was not happy about: BUT DAMMIT AT SAM FINDING THE OBSIDIAN DAGGER, THAT WAS JON'S GIFT! JON WAS SUPPOSED TO GIVE IT TO HIM! IT WAS AWESOME! AND BFF-Y! AND DAMMIT SERIOUSLY. My shiiiipppp why do you deprive them of these things. That said YAY DOLORUS EDD GOT SPEAKING LINES. And seriously I love the Wall people okay, I MISS THE WALL.

8. Okay, let's go to the bad.

Wtf is with Robb's storyline. No, seriously. Apart from the fact that in the book he was the only one defending Cat with the Jaime thing, and he was never supposed to find out that soon anyway, but. Let's just leave it at that, I wish it was the problem.

Now, what the fuck was the rest. [ASOS/Jeyne Westerling related spoilers]Now, premise: my investment in book!Robb/Jeyne isn't exactly what I'd call very high, but I never disliked it - heck, Jeyne was lovely and it made sense and it was tragic and all, but among the three things in there, here we have one: IT MADE SENSE. Now. This didn't make a lick of sense at all. The point is that Robb/Jeyne is... made of tragic. Seriously. And the point is to show that Robb's dad is named NED STARK and they're both honorable idiots and they make mistakes for honor. But that said: in the book Robb sleeps with Jeyne (whose castle he just conquered so uuuhm not exactly an ally) because HE HAS JUST HEARD THAT THEON KILLED HIS LITTLE BROTHERS, or better: that HIS BEST FRIEND NOT ONLY CONQUERED HIS CASTLE BUT ALSO KILLED HIS LITTLE BROTHERS. (Let's not go over the details and of what I think re Robb & Theon's relationship for now. Not the point.) So he's there crazy with grief and she's there and she likes him IDEK but they do the deed and OOOPS HERE I HAVE A HIGHBORN MAIDEN that I HAVE SPOILED. So either he marries her or he ruins her life because no one else would have her after, in spite of being promised to someone else who WAIT is one of the reasons he has one VERY IMPORTANT ALLIANCE. So he knows he's committing half a suicide but he marries her for honor, and btw at this point he doesn't even know that Jaime escaped so he doesn't know he lost his most important bargaining chip. with the Lannisters. Which I get. I can totally and perfectly get. It's IC. It's relevant. I don't actively *ship* it but I can get behind it.

Now: here Talisa/Jeyne tells him a sob story about her life that could have gotten cut by a whole damn fucking lot, he already likes her, they're there and he's like you know what, I don't want to marry a girl I don't even know, I like you better, LET'S FUCK. And while no one blames him for not wanting to marry a girl he doesn't know who's also named FREY, Robb is.. really... too honorable to do it like THAT. At least they could have put him getting news of Bran and Rickon to make it not so disgustingly contrived, but NOOO, they're having this OMG SO HAPPY SEX in the tent! And apart from that, PROBLEM: let's assume that Talisa is Talisa from Volantis and they changed the entire thing without the trolling I was thinking they were doing: why the hell would he marry her? Okay, well, for *love*, fine, but her family is miles away and SHE'S A DARNED NURSE WHO SEWS LEGS OFF SOLDIERS ON BATTLEFIELDS, no one would bat an eyelid if he said it hadn't been him spoiling her - and that said her family's in the free cities and I doubt that in the free cities they care as much as on Westeros about maidenheads. So he marries her. AND HE COMES OFF AS THE MOST STUPID IDIOT IN THE REALM because throwing away your war for honor is something, but throwing it away because HEY I LIKE THIS GIRL is just ridiculous in that setting. Fine, it makes t more *tragic* from the *doomed love* angle because he'd marry out of sheer love, but it's just ridiculous considering the implications.

But let's assume that Talisa is in fact Jeyne Westerling trolling Robb about where she was born: SO THEY GET MARRIED WHEN SHE LIED TO HIM ALL ALONG? This ship has holes whichever way you look at it and sorry, but Robb isn't.. reay.. like that. And since we're talking about my favorite character I'd have liked a bit less blatant OOC writing.

Sigh. I don't like where that is going at all.

In short: the entire Robb/Talisa thing was utter crap. Though seeing Richard Madden getting naked was good.

9. But at least THE STANNIS/DAVOS WAS SO GLORIOUS I COULD WEEP IN HAPPINESS. Just. YES. THAT CONVERSATION. ALL OF IT. That's why I'm on team Stannis - he's the only idiot who doesn't give a shit about where you come from but about what you can do. And the only one among the Iron Throne pretenders who'd make Hand someone who can't even read or write because wait, THAT SOMEONE ACTUALLY HAS BRAINS AND IS COMPETENT AND KNOWS WHAT THE FUCK HE'S DOING and gives good, sensed advice. Say all you want about Stannis but at least he's smart enough to see that. If only he was smart enough to fire Melisandre, but. Whatever. STANNIS AND DAVOS YOU'RE THE OTP OF OTPS. Also ugh the actors were perfeeeecccttt. Love. ALL THE LOVE.

10. The scene with Dany could have easily have been in the finale. It felt just so random that she was there for three minutes just to tell Jorah to come with her to the house of the undying and for that speech about dragons that we know by heart already. Bleargh. I wish I was more interested, really, but I'm not. Sorry. :/

11. That scene with Cersei having Ros beaten to death and thinking she was Shae or whatever was totally out of context - I mean, it made sense just to the people who read the book, and not even then because in the book Tyrion had been meeting with Shae AT A BROTHER, she wasn't Sansa's handmaiden yet, so why the heck would they pick Ros unless he had been doing fake visits at the brothel, and in case WHY HAVEN'T THEY SHOWN IT? It was just senseless. And with that ugh Cersei, just ugh. One thing that makes me headdesk about Cersei is that she thinks she's one step in front of everyone when she really is fucking not, and I just wish she had enough smarts to realize it, but either I headdesk or I get bored. Sorry, Cersei, but I don't think we'll ever be good friends.

11. In short: I'd have loved it if not for the massive fuck-up at point eight. The end. Also, next week is all Blackwater yes? On one side I hope yes because you know, EPIC, but on the other they'd leave too much stuff for the finale so idek.

And with this I'll go finish fic and stuff.
feeling: blahblah
Pan: SPN- smirky Deanpann_cake on May 22nd, 2012 06:42 pm (UTC)
Waaaaaaaaaah, THIS EPISODE WAS GOOD, MAN. I dunno, I dunno, I just really liked everyone's dialogue this time around, so many great scenes! Jaime and Brienne were amazing, Theon and Asha were amazing (I really liked her little story about when Theon was a baby! Finally a humanizing moment for her--though I liked her from the start--it was just nice to see), the scene with Cersei and Tyrion (before Ros showed up) was fantastic and snarky. I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS IN THE WATER THIS CAST IS DRINKING BUT IT IS MAKING THEM FLAWLESS. XDD

I haven't read the books, so I was confused about Ros. Why was she playing along with it ("don't forget me" I think she said?), was it to protect Shae because she knows about her? WHY??

ALSO, YES, I HAVE STANNIS/DAVOS FEELINGS. HERE THEY ARE, BEING BEAUTIFUL TOGETHER. I loved the onion story ("EVERY MAN THERE WANTED TO KISS YOU THAT NIGHT" AHHHHH), and yes yes, you are right, Davos would make a great Hand. All this season I was thinking that Stannis would make a great king, even if he's not my particular favorite to take the throne (I CAN'T DECIDE, I LIKE EVERYONE XDD).

Dany's scene really was just thrown in there, they probably could have saved it for when they had time to follow up on it in the same episode. *shrug* BUT I have so many Jorah feels, oh god. I love those two together, they way he LOOKS AT HER SOMETIMES. ;__;

And yes, needed more Gendry. And Arya was amazing ("A man can go kill himself," girrrrl you got sass) but now I'm worried for them being on the run on their own! Or is Jaqard (I THINK THAT'S HIS NAME BUT I'M NOT SURE) going with them? CONFUSED.

My brother gave me the book set for my graduation, and I think I'll start then once the finale is over. <33
the female ghost of tom joad: asoiaf >> davosjanie_tangerine on May 22nd, 2012 07:25 pm (UTC)
The thing about Ros is... complicated XD basically in the books Shae became Sansa's handmaiden in the third book, not the second, and in order to meet with her Tyrion went to one very exotic/pricey brothel, pretended to go in a room with this other prostitute whose name was something like Alayaya or close to that, and then used a secret passage to get to Shae's room. Then Cersei had him followed or bribed someone to do it and she had *Alayaya* tortured because it seemed like *she* was Tyrion's mistress, and then she brought her to Tyrion and they had that exchange. I suppose they had Ros put in place of Alayaya but the entire exchange didn't make sense without the brothel set-up, so I have no idea why they kept that part without showing the entire background, it felt very weird. And yeah Dany's scene felt totally random, they could have totally put that in the next episode where she actually has screentime, but yeah, JORAH <3333 never complaining about his face really. <3

JAIME AND BRIENNE ARE SO GLORIOUS :D I'm so excited about that part! And yes, Theon and Asha's scene was just so <3 I love that they made her a bit more human even if she was awesome already - but it was really great to see it nonetheless. Asha's been in my favorites for ages so I'm just happy to see her face <33



I KNOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. STANNIS AND DAVOS ARE THE BIGGEST OTP IN THERE, OR AT LEAST I THINK THEY TOTALLY CANONICALLY PLATONICALLY LOVE EACH OTHER. Seriously. And really, Stannis isn't very widely loved because he isn't the most likable person, and because of Renly, but if someone has to rule in there then I'd really want it to be him. Anyone who'd take Davos as his hand automatically gets points. ;)

Jaq'en (I think it's the spelling. Or Jaqen. Whatever XD) is AWEEESOOOMEEEE. And I can't say anything without spoiling but that part is excellent. and yes NEEDS MORE GENDRY ALWAYS.

And heee have a good time with them! They're a ride... XD
elliotsmelliot: GoT Jaimeelliotsmelliot on May 23rd, 2012 12:19 am (UTC)
Wtf is with Robb's storyline.

I know! The timeline and the fake Jeyne are not to my liking. Any seen with the nurse seemed too contrived. But the Brienne and Jamie parts, plus Theon and Yara made up for that!

the female ghost of tom joad: asoiaf >> jaime/brijanie_tangerine on May 25th, 2012 01:52 pm (UTC)
I know really? I don't know what they think they're doing but I don't appreciate the fake Jeyne thing at all. :// but Jaime and Brienne were glorious. And Theon & Asha were too so I'll try to be zen about the rest. As long as they get those two parts right I can forgive them a lot of things...
abbylover23: Renly my sweet precious King ♥abbylover23 on May 24th, 2012 12:02 am (UTC)
god it's so refreshing to read an actual thought out and, IDK, rational opinion of this episode, and this show tbh. i just want to highlight everything and say IA under it all. basically, i do totally and completely agree, this show gives me so many feelings but i feel like i end up side eyeing it sometimes. BUT THEN JAMIE AND BRIENNE HAPPEN, OMG OTHER PEOPLE HAVE FEELS FOR THEM TOO?! Jamie is my favourite, and people IRL who watch stare at me like i'm nuts and i'm there giving my arguments and they're all "but he slept with his sister" and i'm like, "what show are you watching?!"

i want that spin off, and can J'Qen magically be there? just to fluff his hair every once in a while oh! and he and Bronn like, spar for funsies. and Bronn pulls his hair and throws mud at him to wind him up, oooh new happy place.

also the Dany thing, yes yes yes, if you want your dragons, just go get your dragons PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF THE GODS, JUST STOP TALKING ABOUT THEM.
IrisParry: Osha2irisparry on May 25th, 2012 10:41 am (UTC)
Um, hello new Bronn/Jaqen crack ship! This spin off needs to happen :o)

Got this episode to watch tonight, going to be all conflicted between a temper at them SPOILING ROBB and joy at Robb finally getting his kit off. I've been all "right, this must be the week!" for ages. Stupid teasing trailer.
the female ghost of tom joad: asoiaf >> robb 3.0janie_tangerine on May 25th, 2012 01:57 pm (UTC)
Robb getting his clothes off is indeed very pleasing. The circumstances.. not so much, but hey, at least there's the pleasing bit.
IrisParry: Robb1irisparry on May 27th, 2012 06:00 pm (UTC)
OK, I just watched it and NO WAY. The ridiculousness of that scene totally spoiled my leering.

Bit of a weird episode all round, seems like the calm before the storm - the Blackwater's next week so let's have an episode full of little bits of random conversations and suchlike. Some of which were great (Brienne/Jaime! Bronn and his book-learnin'! Stannis BLATANTLY putting the moves on Davos!), but it was all just a bit... meh and disjointed. I think I would've been a bit confused by some of it if I hadn't read the books. And Joffrey's 17? Is it me or does that just not work out even with show-timeframe?

Have seen the trailer for next week though: can't WAIT.
abbylover23: Loras & Renly pray with meabbylover23 on June 3rd, 2012 11:38 pm (UTC)
i would watch the shit out of that spin off :D

skjfhdskjfs ikr? and this week's episode OMG, NERVOUS.
IrisParry: jonygritteirisparry on June 4th, 2012 11:40 am (UTC)
Me too. I can't watch til Tuesday though!
the female ghost of tom joad: asoiaf >> jaime/brijanie_tangerine on May 25th, 2012 01:56 pm (UTC)
Hee, thanks! Especially with this show I learned not to have gut reactions, since gut reactions I read around usually make me want to tear my hair out. ;) And that sad YES THERE ARE SO MUCH FEELS FOR JAIME AND BRIENNE THEY'RE THE BEST EVER <3 they're my favorite part of the books I think. Or second-favorite. Whatever, we're there. Also HAHAHAHA YAY FELLOW JAIME FAN! I love him to pieces and I always have, and everyone is like 'but he sleeps with his sister and threw a kid out of a window' and I'm like 'yeah sure and LOOK AT WHAT EVERYONE ELSE DOES', he's more complex than that anyway. ;)


Ugh I know? I swear, next time she says the word dragons or 'I'm Daenerys Stormborn and I'll take what's mine with fire and blood' I'll flip X___X I can't take the mantra anymore.