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02 October 2012 @ 11:03 pm
the wire - where I actually finished and I ramble about S3/4/5  
You know when I said I got dvds and I was planning to catch up like four years after I started watching this show? Yeah. Right. It happened that I finished three seasons in a week. Various probably not coherent rambling under the cut, though if I had to sum it up in one word, that'd probably be flawless. Even if I think I'm emotionally broken.

The only thing I'm kicking myself for is that it took me years to get back to it. Then again I knew that Omar wasn't surviving it and I think I subconsciously wanted to delay the moment as long as possible. That said, after throwing ashes all over my head, on to actual serious reviewing. I'm putting down the major points for every season and then saying random other stuff at the end.

Season 3

a) ... how bad it is that I was seriously, ardently hoping that Stringer would manage to become a serious businessman? And that when he died I went like '... I was expecting this to happen but NOOOO I HAD SUCH HIGH HOPES FOR YOU, AND YOU WERE SO SMART AND I ACTUALLY LIKED YOU REGARDLESS OF EVERYTHING' and ugh I don't think I ever got over it. Especially because ffs I'd have taken anyone in the Barksdale clan over freaking Marlo without even blinking. But ugh I just loved him that season, especially because hey, guy used his brains, I had to appreciate it. And HE READ ADAM SMITH. AND HE OUTSASSED MCNULTY. Stringer, you were glorious. I mourned you every second.

b) That said, getting killed because of Omar Little aka Best Character In This Show Ever is a better death than a lot of others had I suppose. Also OMAR HOW SO FLAWLESS. Everything I have to say about Omar in this or subsequent season would pretty much be summed in 'you can do no wrong in my eyes and you're my favorite forever'.

c) People, I just *like* McNulty okay. I just - it's not that he's too ridiculously pretty to be real, I just LIKE THE GUY even if he's an ass. Also in retrospective, I <333d S3 a lot because it was the last we saw of the original Major Crimes unit and I really missed that in later seasons. But seriously, just - McNulty YOUR FACE. And going behind everyone's back. And everything.

d) After having passed the shock of seeing Robert Wisdom as a thoroughly decent person (I mean, it's been four years since I've seen S2 and the latest thing I had seen him was SPN where he was URIEL, I MEAN SERIOUSLY) I totally fell in love with Colvin D: and his legalizing drugs project DDD: which obviously couldn't work, could it.

e) That related: Carver was the best - seriously, I have no words for all the points he got from me in the last week. Herc - ugh. Dead to me. DEAD. Even if I liked him slashing himself with Carver anyway, but - DEAD. TO. ME. All said.

f) Johnny biting it was depressing. Bubbles' storyline was entirely depressing. DDDD:

g) ... I'M NOT OVER STRINGER and the fact that he was too smart for 99% of the world. Also, I liked Daniels and Pearlman getting together - it was a nice twist, but they were lovely together. <3

h) .... AIDAN GILLEN I DON'T EVEN. Okay, I knew he was in this but as I managed to see two seasons of Game of Thrones before S3 I totally had a WTF moment when his face showed up, but dammit if Carcetti doesn't >>>>>> Littlefinger. I'll be here admitting that I was hoping he'd win the elections. And the way they used his character to show how politics get dirty was genius.

i) I had forgotten how much I <3ed Freamon. I'm never ever forgetting it again.


I want my funeral wake to be like that. In spirit. All said.

m) Cutty was my new favorite character. And after that trick the Sopranos pulled on me with Tony's cousin, it was NICE to see someone who wanted to go straight, managed to keep on doing straight and did something useful with it.

Season 4

a) .... jfc those kids broke my heart. BROKE. MY. HEART. ALL OF THEM. I CAN'T - I WAS THOROUGHLY HEARTBROKEN DDDDDD:

b) Also: I was going to say it in S3, but: I was bummed about Prez making that mistake and leaving the police, but then I was elated because his storyline was just - ALL THE UGLY SOBBING IT CAUSED, I CANNOT EVEN. He was throughly making me want to weep whenever he showed up on screen. Him and the kids.

c) The way Randy's storyline ended was so fucking depressing I wanted to bang my head against the wall and shout THE WORLD IS UNFAIR. Also, Namond's mom was the kind of person that should be legally prohibited to have children, for the children's sake, because no one deserves to have THAT as a parent. Woah. I just - every second she showed up I felt even more appalled. Just - woah. Really. I can't. Michael made me cry for entire different reasons, but more on that kid in the S5 part. About Dukie - UGH. UGH. UGH. JUST UGH. POOR KID. (More on that in the S5 part too.)

d) You know that, like, seven-year old kid who ended up doing THAT thing in S5 who also stole drugs, cussed more than I do on my worst days and all that jazz? I think he was the scariest thing I've ever seen in this show. Seriously - when you're six or seven or whatever and you're like THAT, I just - no words whatsoever.

e) I loved Colvin this season as well <3 and clearly I hated that he had to eat shit even when he was actually doing something GOOD, but eeh. The way the world goes, I suppose.

f) Okay, so. Marlo. Marlo and his lieutenants. I just - couldn't-stand-one-of-them. Well, Chris wasn't too bad of a character but ffs, whenever I saw Marlo's face I wanted him to get punched and whenever I saw Snoop's face... okay - I do realize that she was actually an excellent character and the fact that the actress was pretty much playing herself, name included, just added to it, but I couldn't-deal-with-her. I mean, whenever they showed up I was like 'jfc give me back all the Barksdale gang and Stringer and whoever AT LEAST THEY WEREN'T WHAT I'D CALL GOOD PEOPLE BUT THEY HAD INTERESTING STUFF GOING ON AND SOME OTHER VAGUELY REDEEMING QUALITIES'. I just - UGH. General word for it.

g) Seeing Major Crimes reduced to... well, *that*, was pretty fucking depressing. Also Herc - well, done with him, as stated, but ffs WHAT THE FUCK WAS HE THINKING THROUGHOUT THIS SEASON, I JUST - BLEARGH. Forever bleargh. Especially that shit with Randy. I missed S1 and S2 so hard whenever he was around..... (Carver, on the other side, won another shitload of points.)

h) Okay, since I'm here: when Bodie died I pretty much lost it. The guy sort of steadily grew on me and I liked that he could use his brains and that he actually had a code and that he did realize that Marlo was totally full of shit, and I kind of loved that he had totally earned McNulty's respect by outsmarting him ten times. And he just wanted his own corner without selling himself out and ugh I knew there was no way he was going out of that alive but seriously, I felt horrible when they shot him. When he hadn't even technically snitched or done anything that wasn't dictated by having some good sense. I mean, it's not like I wasn't expecting senseless deaths when I went into this show but meh, that one just left me with the sourest taste in my mouth ever. And no love lost for Marlo.

i) Omar's storyline = STILL FLAWLESS. Also I loved his new boyfriend (the second was kinda meh if you ask me). THE ENDING OF S4 WAS GLORIOUS. OH OMAR. Also I kind of loved how they went back on the S2 stuff and had him calling in the favor from the prosecutor. Oh ffs I love everything when Omar Little is concerned except, well, next season you know.

l) I loved seeing McNulty actually y'know settling down. And I neglected to mention that I loved everything about Greggs this season and the past.

m) On the other side, Bubbles proceeded on spending the season making me want to weep my eyes out. The end.


o) I was so sick of Burrell, you don't even wanna know.

Season 5

a) The whole thing with the fake serial killer was fucked up, but then again if you need to do *that* to get money for real shit, then stuff is fucked. And it was total McNulty style. Did I ever mention that I <3 McNulty? Even while he's being an ass?

b) Bunk proved that he's the most awesome. And I liked that Greggs and her former gf reconciled enough that she gets to see the kid (the Ikea stuff was hilarioussss).

c) I was very disappointed that the last we saw of Prez was... well, that. D:

d) At least seeing Bubbles getting over his addiction (with extra Steve Earle!) and having lunch with his sister and putting his life back together was fucking emotionally uplifting.

e) Seeing Dukie taking his metaphorical place pretty much slayed me in all the possible ways.

f) Freamon is still the best. I loved that he's still with the stripper girlfriend whose name I totally can't remember right now.

g) .... Herc: dead-to-me.


All I have to say.

h) It highly amuses me that in the end Valchek was the only one who managed to obtain what he had worked hard to get for the entire run of the show. Tbh I thought it was fitting. I mean, well, if the competent one couldn't stay there (DANIEEELS) I don't see why he shouldn't - hey, someone's hard work had to pay off. SOMEONE'S!

i) I liked the people at the newspaper, except for the let's-make-shit-up reporter. Gus was my favorite hands down.

l) ... I have to get here, don't I? Okay.

WHEN OMAR DIED I JUST ABOUT WEPT LIKE - OMAAAARRR DDDD: WHY COULDN'T THEY LEAVE YOU WITH YOUR BOYFRIEND ON PUERTO RICO DAMMIT, WHYYYYY. AND IN SUCH A STUPID WAY - the moment I saw Scary Kid's face behind him when he fell down I about had a fit of why why why WHYYYY. Okay no I get why they'd have him dying such a lackluster death for that kind of character, not to mention that bit in the end where they misplaced the name on the body bag, but OMAR SERIOUSLY OMAR DDDDDDDDD: WHY IS IT THAT MY FAVORITES ALWAYS BITE IT? I was glad that at least they had Bunk on it and that the slip of paper helped, but... OMAR. SERIOUSLY, DUDE MANAGES TO FALL DOWN FIVE STOREYS AND SURVIVE AND STILL BE A BADASS AND HE HAS TO GO BECAUSE OF - okay. Done. I'm done. Seriously. If I keep on I'll just weep. That said, I was VERY glad that the kid got arrested at the end - I doubt there was any hope left for him, but he's still young..... and sorry, but when the two kids at the end had no idea who Marlo was but were like 'Omar here and Omar there' I internally cheered?

m) Levy is a piece of scum.

n) You know what irks me even if I get the entire point? That while Marlo *did* lose what was more important to him aka his street creed, he still - HE MANAGED TO GET WHERE STRINGER WOULD HAVE WANTED TO END UP WHEN HE HAD NO FUCKING CLUE ON HOW YOU DO IT. Or when he didn't even want it. I realize it was the entire point and that the world is unfair, but ugh.

o) Okay, uh, this might make me sound like a horrible person, but when Michael shot Snoop I might have internally cheered. Sorry. I wasn't even moderately sorry for her at the end. Not. One. Bit. See the upper part. Oh, and same goes for Cheese.

p) So. Michael. I was seriously depressed when I realized that he wasn't going to get out of the system, and I was expecting all kinds of horrible things to happen to him, and I really didn't *want* him to end up selling drugs for whoever was next.

... And then the ending happened and - he was supposed to be something like the new Omar, right? because the mannerism was *there*, and he was robbing from drug dealers and - okay. I was... very... pleased with that development? He was my favorite out of the S4 kids and it kind of felt fitting that he'd end up being the sort-of-new-version of my favorite character overall, thought I suppose I shouldn't feel happy that he's robbing drug dealers at fifteen.

.... But I'm still pleased.

q) As I'm pleased that Daniels and Pearlman are doing shit that they like and that they're being adorable. And that McNulty made up with Beadie. And that they ended it on good terms with Greggs and Freamon and everyone.


^ That scene was fucking flawless. Also: I love how I never had much sympathy for Landsman but at that speech I was half-crying. Show, thanks for never making shit easy for me.

r) The ending was flawless. Just - fucking. Flawless. I don't think I have many other words for it. And I was happy that Carcetti got elected anyway - gosh, I give up.

random other shit

- I'm not sure that I have a favorite season. I've seen one and two too long ago and the last three all in a row, so I'm not sure I can separate everything correctly. Also, while the latter season were probably better in terms of plot coming together and seeing the bigger picture, I sorta kinda really missed the Major Crimes team stuff from S1 and S2, so the entire thing pretty much evened itself out. And in retrospective, Major Crimes spiraling down after S3 and then becoming pretty much Lester *did* make sense - good things never lasts in RL and as stated it made perfect sense story-wise.

- Generally, I just loved how the entire thing was spread so that it started from drug trade and got to governor elections while never dropping each focus completely and leveling it out so realistically. It was some seriously impressing stuff - actually I'm sure I've never seen anything quite like it. And the fact that nothing came up wrapped with a bow in the finale made me appreciate it a whole lot more.

- Overall, doing the let's-rank-HBO-good-shows-thing, I'm definitely ranking it above the Sopranos (which I'll manage to talk about in detail sometime soon, but while absolutely *great* never managed to grab me like this one did, or like its characters did), probably slightly above Six Feet Under though they'd really be toe-to-toe and it's slightly below Deadwood, but don't mind me on that one - in my head, nothing is as flawless as Deadwood, though this one was a lot more satisfying to watch since you know it had a proper beginning, middle and ending.

- In conclusion (I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff): this show was Brilliant with a capital B and I'm very sad that I have no more to watch though it's my fault for not having even tried to limit myself to one dvd disc each day and I seriously should have finished sooner. Also: it was a nice constant to see that I always needed subs to watch it. ;) And at some point soon I'm having a S1/2 rewatch so that I can appreciate the last three better.

... I'm also sure that I forgot a bunch of stuff, but this thing is already too long. Ugh. I feel kind of empty now. It's normal, right?
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IrisParry: Lolairisparry on October 2nd, 2012 11:02 pm (UTC)
THIS IS A WONDERFUL POST AND YOU SHOULD BE PROUD. Tickled me especially because I started a Wire re-watch today, saw the first 4 episodes in a binge just before I read your post! Great minds and all that. :oD

S1 and s3 are my favourites, all told, because at the end of the day it is ALL. ABOUT. STRINGER. BELL. I loved how he got colder & scarier, his rivalry with Avon ramped up so much, but at the same time he had all the 'legitimate businessman' stuff going on, and you knew that shit just couldn't hold, something had to fall apart, and ARGH, how they did it was incredible.

OMAR, OMAR where to start?? Him kicking Maurice Levy's ass in court in s2 is one of my all-time favourite TV moments, seriously. "I got the shotgun, you got the briefcase..." ZAP! POW!

Bodie's death was one of the saddest moments of the series for me. I loved that little conversation he had with McNulty, and then ARGH MY HEART. Even worse than Wallace: is it awful that that scene made me feel bad for Bodie as well as Wallace?? Just how he was talking himself into it, trying to make himself angry at Wallace so it'd be easier to do it... Perfect, in a harrowing kind of way.

Carver. Yum. That is all.

McNulty drove me SPARE in the later series, but it was so inevitable he'd start to fuck things up again once it seemed he was settled down. I saw Dominic West play Iago on stage last year, with Clarke Peters as Othello, and they were both incredible, such easy confidence and presence. They work really well together. I loved how Freamon developed as a character too.

Ok I could SQUEEE all night but I've taken up enough of your comments box. THIS POST MADE ME HAPPY.
the female ghost of tom joad: the wire stringerjanie_tangerine on October 2nd, 2012 11:18 pm (UTC)
OH I AM VERY PROUD. ;) and I love this show so much ugh it's not even funny. <3 great minds think alike indeed! I should re-watch S1 and S2 soon....

.. I KNOW. STRINGER. STRIIINGEEER <33333 I LIKED HIM A LOT, OKAY. And I loved how they played his relationship with Avon throughout the entire thing - and okay, guy was a ruthless drug dealer etcetera but I just really wanted him to become legitimate. Yeah, well, wasn't meant to be, though I was pissed that *Marlo* did it when he didn't even care. *glares* ... STRINGER. DDDDDD:

Him kicking Maurice Levy's ass in court in s2 is one of my all-time favourite TV moments, seriously.

AMEN. Omar is my favorite ever, the end. ;)

Uuuugh I remember feeling horrible for everyone involved in Wallace's murder back when I watched S1 some ages ago, because I mean they're KIDS and seeing them all in that situation made me want to cry, but yeah, when Bodie bit it I just - I COULDN'T DEAL. I knew there was no hope that he'd make it through the end but - ;_____; I liked that kid, dammit.

Word forever about Carver. Carver was flawless. CARVER WAS EVERYTHING AWESOME.

Lol McNulty *did* drive me insane, but I mean, I knew what to expect from the guy. He naturally fucks things up. But I mean, I apparently have a thing with guys that are a) asses, b) have a good sense of humor, c) look ridiculously charming, d) fuck shit up see voice Jaime Lannister I just LIKE him, damn his face.

I saw Dominic West play Iago on stage last year, with Clarke Peters as Othello

Jsyk, I envy you so hard right now. Oh my I'd totally pay a lot to see that *_________*

Oh, squeeing about this show is awesome stuff. ;) <3 (and word on Freamon. Freamon was Awesome with capital A. <3)
sevvy23sevvy23 on October 2nd, 2012 11:20 pm (UTC)
So... OMG, so much to say!!! First of all, thank you for reminding me how much I loved this show and how I'm still totally emotionally devastated by it! I just... man, those characters feel so real, you know? Anyway...
Season 3
a): If it's wrong to root Stringer Bell I DON'T WANNA BE RIGHT!! I mean, I had a few issues with him in s02, but Idris Elba is awesome and I love him like crazy, and Stringer was soooo great in s03 I just don't see how you could not love him.
b)How incredibly awesome was that, really?? I mean, I was crushed b/c STRINGER DDD: but Omar is just.. He's probably one of the best tv characters ever. The End.
c)... see letter I'll be sending to Dom West anyday now! ;)
d) & e) Word. Just WORD!! Colvin's such a DECENT PERSON, Carver rules and Herc disgust me.
f)BUUUUUUUUBS!!! </3 I bled for this character. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH MY PRECIOUS DARLING! g)I remember being totally like 'WTF?!' when Daniels & Rohnnie got together, but it was an unexpected ship I couldn't help but like! xD h)You think this is a shocker? Girl, when I watched The Wire S03 I just saw Queer As Folk UK... let me tell you that there is like, 3 galaxies btw Carcetti and Stuart Alan Jones.. :p (Aiden is a great actor imo, and I really have a soft spot for political drama, so double win!) i)LESTEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRR LET ME LOVE YOU. Season 4 a) I KNOW IT WAS SO, SO AWFULLY SAD I STILL CAN'T!! ;_______________________: b) I was bummed too, but Prez is sooooo good w/ kids, I guess he's better off as a teacher... BUT YES SOBBING ALL THE UGLY SOBS EVERYTIMES!!! c)I honestly can't talk about Randy's story line without chocking on my tears. SO UNFAIR WHY WHY WHY???? d)Yeah, seriously, rhis kid?? Scariest thing ever. Like I told you earlier on twitter, I really wonder what kind of parents (if any) he had... I can't even imagine what he's gonna be like when he's 15! f)Marlo!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! How much do I hate him? A FREAKING LOT!!! He's stupid, and he's not half the man Avon, D'Angelo, Bodie, STRIIIIINGER, or Proposition Joe were (and don't even get me started on Omar. MARLO ISN'T GOOD ENOUGH TO LICK OMAR'S BOOT FFS!!!!). As for his goons... I guess in other circonstances I could have like Chris, but I hated Snoop's guts from beginning to the end. I HATED HER AND HER STOOPID FACE!!! g) Once again, Carver rules, Herc disgusts me.. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS GUY, REALLY???!!! h)BODIIIIIE!!! Yeah, for me it was even worse than Stringer death, idk why, I just really, really had a hard time with Bodie being killed. No way I could ever like Marlo or anyone on his side after that. i)God how I wish Omar's storyline could have ended up like that!! The new boyfriend was so cute, and Omar was just flawless, and HE COULD HAVE BEEN HAPPY IF IT WASN'T FOR FRIGGIN MARLO(but more on that in s5). L)... (why did we skip j&k btw??) xD Greggs is flawless. Seriously, so much love for this character!! m)RE: BUUUUUUBS </3 </3 o)Steve Earle rules so much & I love how he's basically playing himself! So great!! xD p)Burrell can die. Seriously.

Edited at 2012-10-02 11:23 pm (UTC)
sevvy23sevvy23 on October 2nd, 2012 11:24 pm (UTC)
Season 5
a,b,c)I honestly don't know what to think of the whole false SK thing. It's so fucked up and Bleh and Blurg (yeah I'm very articulate, lol) but on the other hand I can see where McNulty's coming from, why he thinks that's a good idea etc. I.. really don't know what to think, if Graggs was right to denounce him at the end, I.. don't know. I love Bunk's position tho, like, 'do what you think you have to do but don't involve me in your bs COZ I'M REAL POLICE (I <3 BUNKS OK?!)

d)There is no words to express how happy I was with Bubbles storyline this season. Seeing him overcome his addiction and finally being allowed upstairs was probably the most joyous moment of the season for me. <3 <3 <3
Plus I really enjoyed all his scenes w/ Steve Earle. And w/ the journalist too!

e)Dukie broke my heart in 27 billions pieces. I hope your head cannon is right, is all i'm gonna say. DDDD:

f)Eheheh, Lester & Shardene make a great couple! xD

g)is still the same.

h)Well if Rawls was too white for the job I hardly see how Valchek will be able to keep it, but whatever. At least he's not Burell (did I mention that I hate his guts?)

i)I really, really, really like Gus. I wish more journalists in real life had his works ethic!

L)Just... everything you said. Words. Man, I hate Cheese with a passion. And Marlo. And Chris & Snoop of course. I mean without them Omar would have retired and live hapily ever after with his boyfriend and... IT IS SOOOO UNFAIR!!!! I don't think I'll ever get over this. So stupid and random and unfair and A DAMN KID when Omar was always so NICE to kids!! </3 </3 </3 m)Levy & Herc can die in a fire, I might just come by to add some gazoline, that's how much I care for them. n)MARLO YOU STOOPID FUCK I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU WERE SET FREE AND KEPT YOUR MONEY AND STILL YOU ARE TOO DUMB TO BE A BUSINESSMAN (God I miss Stringer Bell...) o)Eh, I guess I'm a horrible person too.. :p p)Micheal being the new Omar please me almost as much as Dukie being the new Bubs depressed me. Damn. Of course I would have love for him to get a nice life somewhere, but... that wasn't realistic I guess. q)OMG this fake wake is 19 shades of awesome. I just... And McNulty wanting to cuddle with Lester? I died! xDD Ok, I'm too tired to write a lot more, even if I know I could talk about this show for days. Basically, it's one of the best thing I've ever saw, and the characters are totally still living in my brain, but it's also one of the most depressing sh*t ever. Like I told you, if I had any doubt about the meaning of the word 'bittersweet', I don't anymore. All they did, all they sacrificed, all the people who died... and in the end, Marlo walks free? Life's freakin unfair. And I wouldn't change a thing in the last ep. Flawless. Btw, if you're wondering what to watch after that, may I suggest OZ? You'll see, lots of the actors from the Wire also played in OZ, and well, it's not tv, it's HBO... ;)
the female ghost of tom joad: the wire omarjanie_tangerine on October 3rd, 2012 10:00 am (UTC)
a/b/c) I though it was suicidal, but it makes you seriously wonder how fucked up the system is if in order to get money you have to fake serial murders. It was totally in McNulty's fashion though, so I didn't find it contrived or OOC. I can also see Greggs' point - I wouldn't have told Daniels but I'm also an ends justify the means half of the time person, so... I don't know either. But yes, it did prove that Bunk was the best. <33333333 HE'S REAL POLICE YO.


e) Except that yeah. I mean, I couldn't be 100% happy when I KNEW THAT SOMEONE ELSE WAS AT HIS PLACE ALREADY DDDD: DUKIE WHY DDDDD: WHYYYYY DDDDDD: *sobs* my headcanon is never not right okay? IT'S NOT. #denial

f) They were adorable in S1 and they're adorable now <333333333 even if I'm sure that Shardene wasn't going to object if Lester went cuddling with Jimmy lololol.

h) Pfff, who cares if he keeps it for longer than six months or not? I don't even thank that he'd be good at it, but hey, dude worked his ass off to get there for five seasons and he did it steadily and without regrets, he might as well be the one person who gets what they want. xDDD it just amused me that it was *him* out of everyone but hey, someone's hard work had to pay off... XD

i) Ikr? Co-signed.


A DAMN KID when Omar was always so NICE to kids!!

DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON IT ;__________; THE ONLY IDIOT IN THERE WHO ACTUALLY CARED ABOUT KIDS AND - bleah, I'm making myself cry just writing it. I give up.

m) I'll add gasoline with you.


o) We can be horrible persons together. ;)

p) Word and word. At that point I gave up on any of the kids not being Namond getting a nice life, but hey, if you can't have a nice life but you can be the next Omar Little I guess it could be worse. Tbh if his partner had been Randy and not some random dude I'd have been a lot more pleased than I already was (AT LEAST I'D HAVE BEEN LESS DEVASTATED ABOUT RANDY) but I guess you can't ask too much.... ;)

q) I like men sure enough of their sexuality that they want to cuddle with other men, lololol. That scene might be my favorite overall IT WAS JUST TOO GOOD OKAY. XDDDDDDDDDD

And yeah, it was like the embodiment of bittersweet. DDDD: I wouldn't have wanted it to be different either tbh - even if it doesn't stop me from supplying myself with alternative less depressing headcanons, lol.

And haha at this point I might as well put it on the watch list, I think it's the only major HBO drama I'm missing if we don't count Rome, so.. ;)

Edited at 2012-10-03 10:01 am (UTC)
the female ghost of tom joad: the wire mcnultyjanie_tangerine on October 3rd, 2012 09:47 am (UTC)
Emotional devastation would be the right word DDDDD:


b) Ikr? I mean, there are worse ways to bite it than Omar shooting you. And I liked that Stringer went into it with his head high - THAT'S SOME QUALITY DYING. And Omar >>> the world.
c) Let me know so I can co-sign it.
d&e) Ikr re Colvin? Herc - idek. Teaming up with Levy eventually? Seriously? I HAD SUCH HIGH HOPES FOR YOU. Yeah right. #teamcarver
g) lol, that was the surprise!ship that you don't know you like until it happens. And good for her I'd say. ;)
h) He's also on QAF? ..... okay, that has to be interesting.................


b) Oh he def. was better as a teacher than as a cop I think, but HE STILL MADE ME CRY EVERY TEN SECOND UGH PREZ.
d) I can't even with that kid. I'm enough of a horrible person to let myself hate him, but seriously. HOW do you become like that WHEN YOU'RE PRE-PUBESCENT? I give up on humanity. Though at 15 he's hopefully still going to be in darn juvenile.
f) I KNOW. I mean, at least Stringer had some redeeming qualities ie that he wasn't an idiot and he could see past street logic and didn't like mindless killing. BUT NOOOO, THIS GUY HAS TO GO AROUND KILLING KIDS AND BLIND PEOPLE JUST BECAUSE HE FEELS LIKE IT JFHSJKGHK UGH HIS FACE. Yeah, not over the fact that he walked out. He isn't worth a nail of Stringer. Or anyone else in there really - Omar could have eaten the guy in a moment. Chris wasn't *so* bad in retrospective but oh gosh WORD ON SNOOP, I CANNOT. DEAL. WITH. HER. FACE.
g) Word on Herc really....
h) ;____________________; STILL CRYING BITTER TEARS HERE. BODIEEE ;_____; I think I had a hard time because by that point he was one of the three sort of likable people left in the drug business, but I just *liked* him DDDD: and ugh McNulty's reaction to it DDD: EVERYTHING DDDDDD:
i) I KNOW? IN MY HEAD THERE'S AN ALTERNATIVE UNIVERSE WHERE THEY NEVER LEAVE PUERTO RICO ;_____; THEY WERE SO CUTE OMG AND WITH THE CHILDREN AND ;______; #devastatedforever (I'm skipping j&k because they aren't in the standard Italian alphabet and I always forget them xD)
l) ikr? <3
m) RIGHT THERE WITH YOU DDDD: </3 o) Steve Earle always cracks me the hell up when he appears in that show. He's like 'oh hi I'm awesome and NO I'M NOT ACTING I'M JUST GENERALLY BEING MYSELF' and haha I <333 him. p) Amen. Ugh.
elliotsmelliot: The Wireelliotsmelliot on October 4th, 2012 12:45 am (UTC)
Wow! I bet you need Steve Earle to be your sponsor as you digest one week + three seasons + many tragic deaths. It was nice taking a trip down memory lane through your squee. I think our only difference of opinion is that I liked Snoop.

I agree that Deadwood has something special about it that makes me want to watch it over and over.
the female ghost of tom joad: the wire omarjanie_tangerine on October 4th, 2012 11:31 am (UTC)
I could totally do with Steve Earle knocking at my door and being my emotional-devastation sponsor, that would probably help me get myself back together after the overdose.. ;) but it was totally worth it! Meh, my feelings for Snoop are pretty complicated - while objectively I get that she's actually a *good* character and the fact that she was playing pretty much herself just added to it, it still didn't trump the subjective aka that if you follow orders without questioning them and you don't stop at torturing and killing blind me I'll never be able to like you. But I suppose it was half the point of it.

I suppose Deadwood can't be beaten by anything for me. But this one comes really, really close.
(Deleted comment)
the female ghost of tom joad: the wire mcnultyjanie_tangerine on October 4th, 2012 11:35 am (UTC)
IT WOULD TOTALLY BE FIRST FOR ME IF IT WASN'T FOR DEADWOOD. (Deadwood >>> the rest. The end.) AND YES OMAR LITTLE IS A LEGEND DKFSKDHFKG I CANNOT FIND A BETTER WAY TO PUT IT. And hahahahahahah well McNulty is a very likable dick. But then again I liked Jaime Lannister from the get go, I'm not the right person to be objective about charming assholes.........

sad side of normal: GK: oh Bradfosfomifira on October 4th, 2012 02:15 pm (UTC)
The Wire is just the best. I'll come back to comment properly once I get Internet access at home, but it's just a fantastic show. It's so well done and the characters are so amazing - complex and realistic and heartbreaking and fun. Bubbles, especially - that scene of him walking up the stairs to eat with his sister and her family. Such a simple scene, but it says so much at the same time.

I'm almost done rewatching s1 and it's so heartbreaking knowing what's going to happen next. </p>

I'm using my GK icon because, hey, David Simon shows share a lot of the cast and because it's also a very good, very heartbreaking show.

the female ghost of tom joad: the wire omarjanie_tangerine on October 6th, 2012 12:53 pm (UTC)
IKR? That show is just so good, I cannot even put it into words. And don't make me think about Bubbles having dinner with his sister because I'm going to start crying all over again ;_________; except that they didn't even let you be happy about it before slamming reality in your face (ie someone else didn't get clean) but - UGH THAT SHOW I CAN'T.

If I re-watch S1 I'll probably start crying randomly, I know I will...

And I'll totally put it on my list. Considering that well-done war movies usually proceed to slay me, I already know it's going to be a bad idea for my emotional well-being.. ;)
falafel_musings: the wirefalafel_musings on October 6th, 2012 09:26 am (UTC)
Yay!! You finished 'The Wire'! Do you have your Breaking Bad DVDs yet? Because that is the only show that can still WOW you after marathons of The Wire and The Sopranos.

I feel your pain. Other than Bubbles and the four kids (who had tragic stories even if they didn't die) all my favourite Wire characters were dead by the end of the series - Omar, D'Angelo, BODIE!! Bodie hurt the most, especially after his scene with McNulty in the park. I think Bunk was the only one of my faves who came out of the show relatively unscathed. As much as I loved Omar, I did think his death was tragically fitting, especially after the great scene where Bunk is disgusted at seeing little kids imitating and hero-worshipping Omar.

S4 is my favourite season of the Wire and the most emotionally devastating arc of any show I've ever seen. Those damn kids *sniff*. Oh, can I pimp my S4 tribute vid to you now? http://falafel-musings.livejournal.com/43785.html Thanks for your review, it really brought back all my Wire FEELS. I'm seriously tempted to break out my box sets for an all seasons rewatch now.
the female ghost of tom joad: the wire stringerjanie_tangerine on October 6th, 2012 01:01 pm (UTC)
I don't because my uncle has them, but he lives in a totally different city and we only see each other at Christmas, so if he doesn't drop by here for some other reason it won't be before then D: but I mean, I'll still have some six months to catch up before next season, right? I totally can't wait to start it.

I'll word you on Bunk being pretty much one of the few people I liked that came out of it alive, though considering that I'd count McNulty, Greggs, Lester and Daniels in my favorites I guess the overall body-count wasn't too bad. EXCEPT THAT EVERYONE I LIKED BETTER THAN THEM DIED >___< Bodie's death slayed me. Like - I don't think I still made peace with it. That scene in the park was just - ;___; AND THEN HE GOT KILLED LIKE THAT AND - okay I can't be coherent about it. And the four kids - UGH. I guess that while Namond got out of it fine and Michael - well, he could have had worse, Randy and Dukie had the most unfair stories ever. *endless cries* About Omar, it *was* a fitting death, but I was devastated about him having to die in the first place tbh - I'd have been a lot more happy if he had stayed in Puerto Rico with the boyfriend, but I'm aware that in this show it was never going to happen.

I really need to go and re-watch 1 and 2 before seeing if I *can* decide on a favorite season - I watched the entire thing too unevenly and I don't remember half of the stuff that went on back then. But S4 was *amazing* - ugh, I'll just go and cry in my pillow now. And of course you can pimp it! I can't be spoiled anymore, lol. *goes to your post* *HAS FEELS OF INDECENT PROPORTIONS* and ahaha I'm tempted to re-watch the entire thing too and I FINISHED FIVE DAYS AGO. /o\