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21 October 2012 @ 11:39 pm
yuletide letter  
Dearest yuletide author,

hi! First thing of all, thanks in advance! It's awesome that we share at least one of these fandoms and I totally am excited to see whatever you may come up with - be sure that I'll be thrilled whichever you pick. Feel free to take a look around these parts (I also have a tumblr but I don't know if you'd find much about most of these particular fandoms over there...) and again, thank you! Then again, I suppose I didn't help much in the sense of giving guidelines until now so here we go. (The likes and the first two fandoms are a c/p from last year but apparently my tastes haven't changed.) So, here's a run-down of what I'd like.

what I like

I'm pretty easy to please really. Whichever rating you feel comfortable with is good - I won't say no to NC17, but if you want to keep it gen/pg/else it's all good. Angst or humor, either is good (crack is absolutely acceptable). My favorite tropes would probably be amnesia, AUs (either changing the setting completely or just changing stuff from canon), apocalypse fic/dystopias; I tend to like it better with the best ending you can get given the circumstances, but since I went and picked ridiculously angsty fandoms with doomed characters I'll go and trust your judgment. If you feel like upping the ratings, my bulletproof kink are consensual power play and crossdressing, but you really don't have to go into it if you want to keep it straight. Also I listed the characters with shipping preferences in some fandoms but gen/ust is totally cool. I tend to die in squee if there are music/movie/pop culture references of whichever nature. Oh, I also have a western fetish.

what I don't like

There's not much that I don't like, but here's the list: non-con actually happening in the fic (if it's past trauma or something like that it's cool, but I just can't take it happening in real time). Mpreg and everything of the kind. Character A/B/C/whatever turning into werewolves/werewolves AUs. Character bashing if it's about characters that aren't in my list. I'm not adverse to the good kind of fluff - actually some happy fic is the best thing ever and I love it, especially if the fandom is grim as a general rule - but please not of the rotting teeth/kittens everywhere/rainbows sprout from the characters's ears.


Dark Tower (Roland Deschain, Eddie Dean)

First: if you picked the DT, let me just tell you that you're already awesomecakes in my book since I never find anyone who likes it. That stated, it boils down to: Roland/Eddie is my otp of otps, platonic or slashy or just bromance or in any shape and form. If you want to include any other character from the series it's absolutely cool - don't feel like it has to be just the two of them. But as long as it's centered on those two? I'm over the moon. I read everything and I read all my King like a good constant reader, so if you want to include references from any DT related book I'm totally game. Knowing that saying 'anything' will probably make you want to kill me, I could totally work with stuff set in the book II shuffle before Susannah is drawn/during Song of Susannah-early DT VII. (If you want to change canon facts totally feel free to do it. I'm not exactly a fan of the ending so if you get some idea that implies changing it I'll totally be okay with it.) Or hey, maybe the both of them having -moments- where they secretly understand each other throughout whatever piece of canon/between canon moments that you'd like. Or Eddie explaining Roland how pop culture works. The only thing I'd rather avoid is the first epilogue in VII (not exactly a fan of the ending, as stated). Everything else is fair game. AUs of any kind are also absolutely welcome - I mean, you want to do a proper western AU or a WWII one or the zombie apocalypse? I'm totally happy.

The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay (Sam Clay, Tracy Bacon)

So, that book is probably my favorite thing I've read in the last ten years or so. And I shipped Sam/Tracy like *burning* and I'd totally love to read anything about those two. I'd be very interested in something from Tracy's POV (since we got Sam's in the book but never his and it'd be interesting to see the story from his side). Gen from before they get together would be cool as well. Or also some third person POV (Joe or Rosa maybe?). Maybe Sam telling Rosa about Tracy during their marriage? Whatever, really. I have absolutely no preference - that ship on its own is enough to make me happy - don't feel obliged to go for any of those ideas if you want to try something else.

The Wire (Randy Wagstaff, Omar Little, Michael Lee, Jimmy McNulty)

So, I'm of the opinion that The Wire is one of the most brilliant amazing things I've ever seen. It also proceeded to break my heart into a million pieces, and while I know that its point was never to state that everyone gets a good life, I'll be shameless and ask for some fix-it as well.

a) There are a lot of things that I'll never get over regarding this show, but the way Randy ended up is probably at the top of the list. So, if you decided to write the poor kid any sort of fix-it (from the S4 finale onwards, anything) I'd be forever grateful. Whatever you think would work - I'm not adverse to Carver being involved in it for the obvious reasons, but seriously, a post-S5 scenario where he meets up again with Michael and becomes his stick-up partner would definitely count as a fix-it. Seriously, just please get the kid out of that house and give him something *nice* of whichever kind and I'll be forever grateful.

b) Also relative to the above: Michael was my favorite of the S4 kids and I was very intrigued with the way his storyline ended, so anything related to that would be awesome. Maybe how he decided to go rob drug dealers? Or what happens after the finale? Similarities and/or differences between how he does it and how Omar did it? Anything concerning that plot point really.

c & d) Omar Little + Jimmy McNulty: so, those two were my favorite characters overall. Incidentally, I also loved their interactions. They might have been my late S1/S2 crackship but please feel free to disregard that. I'd totally be up for some fic where they interact, in whichever way you prefer, either during S1/S2 when they were directly interacting in canon or something set later. Or if you feel like writing solo fic for any of them (character studies are totally welcome - I mean, I'd totally eat up novels about McNulty attending police wakes if that's what you felt like writing) that's awesome with me.

Kings (Jack Benjamin, David Shepard)

Okay, I'll cut this one short: I just want fic for those two. Slash, gen, friendship, everything is welcomed. If you'd like a couple of general ideas, I'd be interested in something set after what canon is there - I mean, if the show hadn't been canceled they'd have obviously met again at some point. I also was extremely interested in how that show reworked the biblical material, so if you want to go for something of the sort (like a retelling of a particular part of any of the biblical material concerning their original counterparts) that's be awesome as well. I *do* ship them, but if you'd prefer going for a different relationship and having the two of them with their canon love interests that's totally cool too.

That stated, really, feel free to do any of the ships listed as gen/friendship if that's what you'd like best. And if you read some of the tropes I like and thought 'hey, it's be awesome if character X from fandom Y ended up with amnesia during a nuclear apocalypse!'/something like that don't feel like you have to go with the guidelines I gave in the specific fandoms. I'll totally be happy with whatever you'll come up with.

Thank you and happy yuletide!

♥ Janie
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sunkissed325 on April 24th, 2013 09:03 pm (UTC)
The Wire
I love The Wire, and especially little Randy Wagstaff. Did you ever find a fix it story for him? If yes I would love to read it. And if you just want to marvel at how amazing the show is I am totally up for that too.
the female ghost of tom joad: the wire omarjanie_tangerine on April 24th, 2013 09:08 pm (UTC)
Re: The Wire
Hi! :D *high fives* aaanddddd nope D: the prompt that was written out of these was for another fandom, but I'm totally going to throw out the exact same prompt next year/until someone picks it up, because I need me some Randy fix-it D: (I was tempted to do it myself but English is not my mother language already and writing anything Wire-related is beyond me D:) and I'M TOTALLY UP FOR MARVELING ABOUT HOW GOOD THAT SHOW IS. ;) seriously it's objectively the best tv I've ever seen in my life. (Also I'm never getting over Omar, but that's another story entirely..)