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09 April 2013 @ 12:43 am
game of thrones 3x02, dark wings dark words  

premise: no Theon hating k? Just not. Thanks. Also: possible book spoilers though I'm trying to keep it light so thread carefully.

Okay so, general verdict: less all over the place than S2 - as far as it seems - and while there's still stuff I don't like it doesn't seem to be going the clusterfuck way (yet), so I'm going to say I generally liked this except for at least one glaring thing. But more about that in the specific points. So.

1) SOMEONE FINALLY KNOWS THAT BRAN AND RICKON ARE MIA. Just five episodes too late, but alllriiight. The only good thing to come out of this is that when THAT THING HAPPENS Robb won't SPOILER thinking that Theon killed his little brothers, which - well, makes it at least slightly less depressing, but still, what. the. fuck. It should have happened a long time ago.

2) The fact that no one in King's Landing knows makes the Sansa/Tyrells convo look.. well, as a scene in itself it wasn't done badly and also omg Olenna = PERFECT CASTING, but if they don't know that Sansa is actually Robb's heir it makes a lot less sense. Also: WHERE WAS THE BEAR AND THE MAIDEN FAIR, IT WAS THE BEST THING ABOUT THAT SCENE IN THE BOOK. Sorry. But the Sansa/Loras part was done so well.

3) I cackled like crazy during the Joffrey & Margaery scene, okay. Also, poor Cersei. Really. I'm almost feeling bad for how her kid is being like OMG MOM STOP EMBARRASSING ME.

4) The amount of trolling going on with Tyrion and Shae is being out of the world indecent (in every sense of the word). I'm wondering if they're planning on changing a couple of things from the book or if they just want not-book people to punch their screens next season. Mmmh.

5) Meeeh why did they cut so much from the BWB D: Sandor was supposed to show up later, right? D: I mean, I think they could have kept a lot of stuff even if he had showed up like in episode five, but whatever. Beric looks nice, Thoros looks good but is more of a jerk than I remember, please let me have Gendry and Hot Pie forever. Also Arya keeps on being miraculously IC (SOMEONE ELSE WHO'S BEING MORE OR LESS SAVED FROM THE OOC VIRUS), which is good.

6) Bran: yesssssss. The Reeds are totally well cast and I suppose the introduction was as well as it could have been considering the changes. I'm just wondering what's the deal with Osha and Rickon being with them - like, uh, for plot purposes they should be going in the totally opposite direction but then again a) I always thought that Rickon disappearing for three books was bullshit, b) I realize this is television and you can't have a character disappearing for three seasons, so we'll see I guess. There are worse things they could change. Also when he dreamed about Jon and Robb at the beginning ;____;

7) Like Catelyn. Now. Seriously. My current theory is that Talisa has the OOC curse - I.E. whenever someone comes close enough to her to have a conversation they suddenly turned into a bodysnatcher/start acting OOC. Last episode it was Robb and now... Cat is feeling guilty about Jon? Seriously? Okay, uh, just - I think I get it. Or better, I don't *get* it, but I guess they might have done it because since 99% of the reasons people detest Cat and think she's the worst person ever omg go away is that she doesn't like Jon/wasn't a mother to Jon/told Jon THAT quite horrible thing in the books (even if tbh you should take context into account)/thought of Jon - or better, of Jon's possible heirs -as a menace to her own kids first when we all know Jon would kill himself before taking what belongs to his brothers/sisters. So, since everyone-knows-what is happening, they're trying to make Cat more sympathetic to the casual viewer/general audience/people who read the books but are willing to go with their changes by making her regret being mean to Jon or whatever. Which is imo entirely bullshit since if only they had paid more attention/KEPT SOME PLOT POINTS/introduced the Tullys earlier than they are/stopped making Talisa Robb's sensible/pro-peace advisor (that's supposed to be Cat y'all) you wouldn't need to have her regret her behavior to be sympathetic - she has enough reasons on her own for that. Her treatment of Jon is a flaw, but it just makes her human and anyway she has perfectly legitimate medieval-setting reasons for not being entirely cool with the idea of Jon Snow being raised with her kids, though hey I mean it's not like she forbade Ned to do it so just - ugh. WHAT. THE. FUCK. WAS. THAT. Seriously come on. Cat is a good enough character in herself with enough sympathetic traits and who actually can think with her brain and give good advice (SERIOUSLY), you don't need to make her regret not being a mother to Jon to make us like her. Ffs. And this coming from someone who loves Jon, just to state it.

In short: I'll just go blame it on Talisa and on her OOC-turning ways.

8) At least Robb was a bit less of a douche this round (yay, because he's not supposed to), he looked pretty down/depressed (which he should be so double yay), FINALLY KNOWS ABOUT HIS BROTHERS (good too though late) even if when he's all lovey-dovey with Talisa I can't stop rolling my eyes because ugh where's Jeyne W., and HAHAHAHAHAH HIS FACE WHEN THEON WAS BROUGHT UP SERIOUSLY PEOPLE my ship lives forever. Anyway, while I'm still not entirely convinced with this at least Robb's characterization this round wasn't the travesty that last week's was? Small favors.

On that: BRING ON THE TULLYS I've been waiting too long for the Blackfish to happen already. (And to Edmure obviously, but the Blackfish is my favorite forever k.)

9) Since we're on that.


I officially can't take an entire season of Theon being tortured OR actually two seasons of... well. you know. I just. Nope. He was in there for maybe five minutes total and it took me fifteen minutes to watch them because I kept pausing while sort of biting on my own fingers and thinking BABY PLEASE NOOOOOOO ;______; like no let's not even get into how he was trying to come up with whatever he thought his torturers wanted to hear because that's bad enough already. But jfc when Ramsay showed up (BECAUSE THAT'S HIM COME ON) and his face was all hopeful and then he was like DON'T LEAVE ME HERE I pretty much died sobbing and decided that next episode will be the death of me because hahahahah THAT'S GOING TO BE A GOOD ESCAPE TENTATIVE WON'T IT. Just leave me here to sob and wish I could cover Theon in cupcakes or something because seriously. Nope. No. Nada. Can't. Do. That.

And I have AN ENTIRE MORE SEASON OF THIS and then if they get to S4 it's probably Reek time and I'M NOT - NOOOOOPEEEEEE.

And btw, there are already assholes on tumblr thinking that he deserves it and they're happy to see it. Thus starts the two months of throwing up in my mouth. /o\

And the thing is that I can't even complain because a) no one's getting character assassinated, b) as far as we know from the book it's totally plausible that some part of what we didn't see went like this. Fuck everything. I can't.

Last thing: someone give Alfie Allen ONE FUCKING INDIVIDUAL AWARD THIS SEASON because he's fucking *good* and just because he happens to play a dude that 70% of the audience hates and 25% doesn't care about it doesn't mean it shouldn't get recognized, thank you all.

10) Or, the only light in this tunnel: JAIME AND BRIENNE COME HERE. First: thank fuck we had that scene where Brienne didn't kill the guy who saw them because at least she doesn't look like she's willing to kill anyone (which could have been gathered from last season). Also well she's not supposed to be that sassy but then again a) Gwen looks too good for that part so I can try to overlook it, b) they banter so deliciously that I can't. Also: NCW is entirely too awesome at his role and sfhfhgdkjghkd the way he sasses Brienne I can't. Also DIJFKFJDGHKD THE SWORD FIIIGHTTTTTT DJKFHSDFHSJHKJFHSKF I wish they had kept the chastising my wife/shall we have this dance quotes but I CAN TOTALLY WORK WITH THIS. Though he has to call her wench before episode five happens plzkthanks. But really, considering everything they're changing *this* part is the one I'm more handwaving about. Now if they keep on that way with Brienne and they stick to the rest of the plot I can totally get behind this.

Also, my otp is flawless. The end.

In conclusion: if Talisa was just GONE I'd enjoy this show a lot more than I currently do since she's fucking with what's in theory my favorite SL after Jaime and Brienne, but as a whole this season seems to be generally better than S2, IF WE DON'T COUNT THE RANDOM BODYSNATCHERS and some plot holes which I suppose they realized later that SHOULDN'T HAVE BEEN A THING, but for now I can be cool with this. Proved that they don't fuck everything later obviously, but then again we'll see I suppose. But damn, I really wish they kept Jeyne Westerling. Sigh.

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The_Crazy_Freakthe_crazy_freak on April 9th, 2013 12:23 pm (UTC)
I really love these reviews of yours and I hope you continue making them throughout the season. :D

1) Don't have much to say about this, other than I really liked that scene and also the fact that Robb at least still has enough faith in Theon to believe he might have taken them with him if he returned to the Iron Islands. <3

2) I have to say I absolutely loved every scene that the Tyrells were in this episode (whereas in the previous ep I might have been a bit uninterested). And yes, Olenna is perfect. xD Are we going to meet her son this season too? (I totally forgot if he makes an appearance in the 3rd book; I know he does in the 4th) Tbh, I never cared THAT much about the Tyrells in the books (I thought they were ok, but nothing more), but I think the show might actually make me love them, lol.

3) While I found Joffrey quite hilarious in the previous episode, he's totally back to being a creepy psycho again. The way he spoke to Margaery (especially the "What about the bedside of a traitor? Is that a place for a lady?" bit where he went from a sweet tone to brutally cold in a heartbeat) was some phenomenal acting (Jack deserves all the awards, seriously).
And omg, don't even get me started on Margaery! I loved her so much. You can see that the girl really knows what she's doing and how great she is at manipulating people. She's kinda like Cersei except less cruel and bitter. She knows exactly how to play Joffrey (acting a bit dumb - "I'm a bit lost when it comes to politics"; acting obedient - "I was just trying to do my duty as a wife"; etc.) She even knew that cruelty/suffering/death would get him "excited", so she played the "would you like to see me kill an animal in cold blood" card. Seriously, props to her cunning. I also loved the fact that when Joffrey said he was thinking of making Renly's "type of perversion" punishable by death, you could see that moment of hesitation and shock (because Loras), but she recovered so quickly with that "you must do what needs to be done" line.

4) I don't really care much about Tyrion/Shae, so their scene was a bit whatever to me, but I did find Tyrion's mumbling (when talking about Sansa) funny.

5) Wait, did I miss something? Because I didn't see Beric at all. And Thoros reminded me of Bronn a bit (in his personality and actions). Idk, I like him. Also, yes, the Gendry/Arya/Hot Pie trio forever plz! I will be crushed when Arya leaves them (I was already sad about this in the books, but I feel like it's going to be even worse for me when I see it happen on the show). ;__;

The_Crazy_Freakthe_crazy_freak on April 9th, 2013 12:50 pm (UTC)
6) I've seen quite a few people complaining about the way Jojen and Meera were introduced, but come on, people, you knew it was going to be different than in the books (since it didn't happen in the 2nd season). I actually felt they did a pretty good job with it and I like the casting for them as well (especially Jojen). I have a feeling they might get somehow separated along the way, though. As in, they'll travel together for a while, but then something will happen that separates them. I don't think that necessarily has to mean that Osha and Rickon will be out of the picture. They might show them on their own way, idk. Because they can't change that without changing pretty major plotlines. I want to see Davos being badass while searching for Rickon, damnit! x3 Speaking of Davos, I missed him this episode.

7) I'm kind of torn about this scene. On one hand, it seriously irritates me that they changed Cat this much when it comes to Jon, but on the other hand, I didn't find the scene itself as horrible either (like, it was kind of enjoyable to me). That being said, I do wish they just left Cat's characterisation to what it was in the books. As you pointed out, Cat doesn't NEED to regret her actions and feelings towards Jon, because they are completely understandable! Just look at the other Snow bastard we know - he fucking killed his legitimate brother (and his father believes he would have killed any others if he had them, so he simply doesn't have any more; that's as fucked up as it can get).

8) Just wanted to point out here that every Robb/Talisa moment makes me roll my eyes (and this episode was no different).

I'm skipping nr. 9 for now because it's going to be so long that I'm gonna write about it in my next reply.

10) OMG, CAN I JUST ASDFGHJKLAJASFJ?!! I loved their scenes so much! x33 Jaime/Brienne are seriously the best. And at least they didn't assassinate their book counterparts. The sass is amazing. The only thing I'm worried about is the fact that there's no Vargo Hoat and his Bloody Mummers. Because I have a feeling they're gonna have to cut a lot of stuff now. Like the scene where Jaime basically saves Brienne from rape by talking about her father's sapphires and how they weren't gonna get paid if Brienne isn't still a maid after they return her. Also, we won't get to see (or at least hear about) Brienne biting off Vargo's ear. or Jaime making fun of his lisp (come on, that would have been awesome). I'm also curious as to how Jaime will lose his hand now. I guess we'll just have to see.

Everything is Jaime/Brienne and nothing hurts (yet). Except Theon. ;__;

The_Crazy_Freak: Theon 1the_crazy_freak on April 9th, 2013 01:26 pm (UTC)
Oh god, Theon. ;__; I seriously covered my eyes a few times when the torture was happening. But the screams will still haunt me. :| And this only the beginning, dear god. I imagine it'll probably get even more gruesome, especially when Ramsay starts the torture himself. These scenes are so fucking painful, I don't know how I'll be able to survive them.
Get this, though. One of my friends IRL is a massive ASOIAF fan and we basically discuss stuff every time an episode airs. And this time he said that he feels Theon's torture wasn't really shown as severe and gruesome enough because it seemed much worse in the books. He was like "in the books, it said he was supposed to be ruined and unrecognizable". I wanted to punch him. He's fucking unrecognizable at THE END. This is just the fucking beginning, I don't know what my friend was expecting (or what he wants). This was already horrible enough. Jfc!

What I don't entirely understand is what they're planning on doing with Ramsay. From what I gathered, I imagine they're going to be replacing the Kyra/Theon escape with this. As in, Ramsay will actually "help him escape", simply because he wants a good hunt. And then when he catches him, he'll start to torture him himself (punishing him for escaping, even though he was the one to actually instigate the escape). Because lbr, if they want to show Ramsay to be as big a psycho as he is in the books, he needs to be the one to do the actual torture. He fucking enjoys it when he inflicts pain on other people with his own two hands, not when his lackeys do it for him. While I absolutely hate seeing Theon suffer, that's what happened in the books. And I want them to follow that, even if I don't actually want to see it. ;__; Hope that makes sense.

Urgh, the assholes on tumblr make my blood boil! >__> You know when you mentioned that a lot of people hate Cat just because she was mean to Jon? Well, I find that a lot of these people are the same ones that are also saying Theon deserves all this (and even cheering for Ramsay, dear god). What pisses me off is the fact that very often THE ONLY reason for saying that is the fact that it was THE STARKS that got betrayed by Theon. Seriously, if he betrayed any other house (like the Lannisters, for example), he wouldn't get hated on nearly as much (and might even get praised by some). Like, I get it that the Starks are kind of supposed to be the family you root for (the "good guys" if you will), but to hate on every character that ever opposes them (for that reason alone) is ridiculous! I love a lot of the Starks (and Jon), but that doesn't mean I can't understand where other houses and characters are coming from when they go against them (or that I can't like or sympathise with these characters). These people piss me off so much, but I try not to get involved with them, because I know they'll never listen, anyway. They're too closed-minded to see it any other way. >__>

Btw, I'm also curious as to what my mom will think of Theon after this season (she's only watching the show, not reading the books). When I watched the second season with her, she made a comment about how mean and evil Theon was (for taking Winterfell, burning those 2 kids, etc.) Back then I told her that something horrible is coming up for him. She said "Well, whatever it is, I'm sure he'll deserve it" (she said that without knowing what it was, obviously) and I just kinda went "I'm not sure you'll still think so once you see it. Trust me, NOBODY deserves what happens to Theon." So yeah, I'm wondering how she'll react now.


Edited at 2013-04-09 01:27 pm (UTC)
the female ghost of tom joad: asoiaf >> theonjanie_tangerine on April 9th, 2013 02:08 pm (UTC)
ME TOO UGH I CAN'T I CAN'T I CAN'T ;_________; THEEEOOONNN ;_____; no seriously I was doing badly enough then he went DON'T LEAVE ME HERE at *Ramsay* (obv he doesn't know) and I just - ugh. Nope. No. Can't deal. And we're barely started jfc, I'm not sure I can take any of this DDDDD:

.... haha. Like. This is the beginning. Obviously it won't be as bad as the infamous Reek Chapter The First, which means it's just going to get worse and if people think that we're getting it easy then I suppose I can only say sweet summer children? Seriously? And yeah I think next week the escape will be substituting the Kyra one, but didn't it say that he actually tried to escape more than once/Ramsay went on supposed *hunts* more than once and that's how he lost his toes? Like he got one cut whenever he was caught again? I might be wrong though, I haven't re-read the Reek chapters in ages because I can't really take it on page, but since we have a whole season of this I'm afraid that this won't be the first escape try we see...

Hahah. I'm making myself want to retch. Help. And yeah we're totally going to see Ramsay in action very soon I think D: and yeah I totally get the point, but I think that after the initial mindfucking he's going to do it himself. Which.. ugh. I just hatehatehate the idea that Theon actually trusts him (even for like ten minutes or how long it is) and THEN HE GETS FUCKED ALL OVER AGAIN I CAN'TTTT.

... oh dear, they're the same breed? I should say that I'm surprised but I'm really not. Also it makes me go crazy that they cheer for Ramsay because... like, Ramsay is everything they accuse Theon of being (rapist, [child] murderer etcetera) except that Theon did crappy stuff because he got himself stuck into a situation where he could only dig his own grave and he actually regrets it and didn't enjoy doing any of that (I'd also just like to point out that the infamous scene with Kyra was after he had that dream with Robb covered in blood going towards him so.. well, while I don't excuse the action in itself I don't think he'd have gone that far if he actually was in his right mind), RAMSAY ACTUALLY LIKES DOING THAT SO WHY WOULD YOU EVEN CHEER FOR HIM I CAN'T. Or say that Theon deserves it in the first place, but - no seriously it's just mind-boggling that you'd cheer for Ramsay when he's obviously the worst between the two, NOT TO MENTION THAT UUUHMMM WAIT RAMSAY/ROOSE BETRAYED THE STARKS AS WELL *COUGH*. And jesus yes I'm fine when people criticize because of *real* reasons (ie he's an ass to women, he's unlikeable, he kills two children etcetera) BUT UGH THIS *HE BETRAYED THE STARKS* thing is just so totally pointless. Other than it being that he betrayed *Robb*, not *the Starks* since it's not like he owed them anything, seriously, WHY IT'S JUST HIM. I mean, I've never seen the hordes of Targaryen fans around asking for Tywin's head because RHAEGAR'S CHILDREN and because he basically did that to gain favor with Robert after having been Aerys' Hand for ages, so.. why. Just. They'll never see it differently I guess but woah just stop. PS: this comes from a totally pro-Stark person whose favorite character is Robb, oops. Can't others just look at both sides? Sigh.

Lol I'm the same with some friends actually - they haven't read the books (or never got as far as ADWD) and they mostly detest him (which tbh is still mind-boggling to me because after the first three episodes of S2 I don't see how you can't notice where Theon is coming from, but what can you do), and I'm always like 'please don't, you'll regret it' so maybe I can actually hope that a) they see what I meant, b) THEY STOP HATING ON HIM damn it. ;) Also I have a friend whose mom was of the same mind and when she got to ADWD she was like 'SOMEONE KILL RAMSAY' so I hope yours as a similar change of opinion.. ;)
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the female ghost of tom joad: asoiaf >> jaime/brienne 3.0janie_tangerine on April 9th, 2013 01:53 pm (UTC)
6) ... to be honest of ALL the changes they've made until now this is totally the one I'm worried about in the least XDDD I mean if they had to be introduced now it seems pretty good? People should have complained last year then. And yeah I suppose that Rickon and Osha getting separated might/should happen also because otherwise THERE'S NO DAVOS RESCUING RICKON WHICH WOULD BE VERY WRONG, but then again I don't even see them opening another entirely different narrative just to show what Osha and Rickon are up to because it'd mean fracturing everything even more :/// We shall see I suppose. BUT YES DAVOS YOU'RE SORELY MISSED COME BACK TO MEEEE

7) Thing is, in itself (and probably in the show's context) it wasn't a bad scene and the acting was good and everything but.. WHY. I don't get why you have to take away Cat's feelings re Jon and change them like that just because you think it makes her sympathetic - seriously, she's good enough on her own, there's no need to make her extra sympathetic by adding her feeling sorry about Jon when she had all the reasons not to be cool with him around. (Sure, she could have done without wishing that he had died instead of Bran, but a) CONTEXT, b) it wasn't in the show, c) everyone makes mistakes so if the audience still hates her for it well bad for them, but I don't see the need to change *that* just so that casual viewers might like her more. Then again it's depressing that her opinion of Jon is 90% of the reason why she's that hated..) And yeah exactly :/ I read some interesting meta where they pointed out an interesting thing about that which was basically that Cat was mostly worried about Jon's *children* claiming their part of inheritance if he ever was legitimized rather than Jon himself (I mean I suppose she knows that he loves his siblings), which is actually perfectly reasonable, so.. yeah. And HAHAH EXACTLY I MEAN COME ON RAMSAY SNOW TOTALLY SETS A LOVELY EXAMPLE. (And then Roose goes like 'don't make me regret the day I raped your mother' and in comparison the Greyjoys seem like a functional family unit...)

8) Me too. I can't deal with the lovey-dovey stuff uuugggggghhhhhhhh. Then again I can't deal with Talisa in the first place, so. *sigh*

10) DSGFDGJHDJKFGJKFDHGKJDFGK IKR GHFJKDGHJGHKJDFHGKFDHJ THOSE TWO ARE THE BEST EVERRRR <333333333 I love everything about it <3333 and mmmhh I read some review done by bloggers who had seen the first five eps and apparently there's no Vargo and no thappireth (sadly), but also Jaime does apparently save Brienne from the raping so at least they kept half of it? Let's hope. But it bodes well I have to say. ;)
The_Crazy_Freakthe_crazy_freak on April 9th, 2013 03:27 pm (UTC)
6) Well, yeah, the change doesn't bother me at all really. I also wouldn't be bothered if they do what they did in the books (Rickon and Osha get separated from the rest and we don't see them for a long time), because I didn't care that much for them (as insensitive as that sounds ^^;) Like, it already didn't nag at me in the books 8whereas Theon's absence did, for example. I seriously missed him, whereas I didn't miss Rickon and Osha).
I want that scene from the books where Stannis talks to Davos and understands him and then names him Hand. And I want it now! It better happen (soon). It one of my favourite Davos/Stannis scenes.

7) Yeah, that's kind of what I meant. In the context of the show, it doesn't seem forced or too far-fetched. Also, yes to everything else you've said here, though. "and in comparison the Greyjoys seem like a functional family unit." <-- yeah, dear lord. Or the Lannisters. Is ANY family in this series a completely functional unit, though? Lmao! I guess the Starks come close, but then Jon was kind of an outsider AND they had Theon as a prisoner. The Tyrells seem to be a pretty good family unit too (sure, they sabotage other people, but I mean, WITHIN their own family, they seem to be pretty caring and whatnot).

10) Oh, I assumed there was going to be no rape because the people who captured them seem to have a bit higher morals than the Bloody Mummers, but I guess I was wrong. Well, either way, if Jaime saves her from getting raped, I'll be happy. :) Yeah, I feel like from what I've seen from the trailers, they're actually going to be following their story pretty close to the books (there was a bath scene in one of the trailers, the bear in another, etc) and I couldn't have asked for more. :D
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the female ghost of tom joad: asoiaf >> sansajanie_tangerine on April 9th, 2013 01:43 pm (UTC)
I'll totally try! :D last season I did until up episode eight and then I didn't have time but this one I'm planning on going through with it XD


2) I liked them too! I'm the same tbh - in the books I think they're okay but I really don't have that many feelings about Tyrells regardless (tbh I'm much more into Tully/Martell stanning territory XD) but I love how they cast them! :D and mhhh wait with her son you mean Mace? I think he was at least at the Purple Wedding, but since I don't think that's happening this season probably the next though.

3) My main reason for laughing my ass off was how he was totally falling for Margaery's manipulation without even realizing it a bit but yeah, he's still totally into creepy territory. Though tbh I like him better in the show than in the book (... well, it wouldn't have taken much) so I'll totally be with you with giving Jack awards for the acting. And yesss she's so awesome omg. In the book I don't really care either way about her but in the show she's being very very awesome. Also Joffrey wishes to outlaw homosexuality.. >_>

4) I don't either tbh, but in the show she seems very much genuinely into him, which.. well, in the book I got the impression that he was more into her than she was into him, so either they want people to suffer when she eventually betrays him, or she doesn't? I'll see I suppose. XD

5) Wasn't Beric the guy with the bow? I thought it was him but I might have have heard wrong. XD ALSO YES CAN WE JUST HAVE ARYA STAY WITH THE OTHER TWO HALVES OF THE HARRENHAL OT3 FOREVER THANK YOU. I'm not even into the whole 'Arya becomes a faceless man' thing in the first place, so DDDDD:
The_Crazy_Freakthe_crazy_freak on April 9th, 2013 03:04 pm (UTC)
2) Yeah, I meant Mace. I don't think the PW is gonna be this season either, but I've seen some people speculate that it might be in the last episode because:
a) the title of the episode is Mysha (Mother), which makes people think it's going to centre around 3 "mothers" in particular - Daenerys (with the whole "mother of dragons nad freeing the slaves" thing), Cat (being resurrected by Beric) and Cersei's horror/grief because of Joffrey's death.
b) the episode with Jaime and Brienne fighting the bear is going to be episode 7, which is 3 freaking episodes before the end, meaning that they should probably reach King's Landing by episode 10 and by that time, Joffrey was already dead
c) some even believe that the PW might happen in episode 9 (at the same time as the RW) just to kind of draw parallels between both weddings.

However, I still think the PW is happening in season 4. As for Jaime reaching KL before Joff dies, it's not like they haven't changed things before. They changed way more important things even.

3) Ugh, yeah, when he said that, I was like "Are you fucking kidding me, you little shit?!" >__> Just when I thought I couldn't possibly hate you more. Agreed about Margaery.

4) Yeah, those are basically the only two options they have for the show. Maybe they're trying to set something up with this whole Sansa conversation they had (with Shae being jealous). Maybe she starts to feel threatened by Sansa after her and Tyrion get married. But idk.

5) Noooo, that was Anguy! :D Granted, in the books he was much younger (like 17?), beardless, ginger and he had freckles on his face. I actually quite liked him in the books, he was a lot of fun. :) I don't think they've shown Beric at all yet. I'm thinking we first get to see him in the next episode, when they bring The Hound to him.

Omg, couldn't agree more! The whole "Arya faceless men" plot became quite boring to me. It actually made me not care about her as much anymore. Before that storyline, she was definitely in my top 5 characters, but after that... nope.
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(Deleted comment)
the female ghost of tom joad: asoiaf >> sansajanie_tangerine on April 9th, 2013 08:21 pm (UTC)
Talisa is tbh the proof that these people couldn't write anything in the mindset of asoiaf in the first place because regardless of anything else, she's a total Mary Sue which couldn't even exist in the books because THERE AREN'T MARY SUES IN THE BOOKS. I mean she's like so *perfect* and *shiny* and *everything awesome* and she has the *love story* with the *protagonist* (sorta), and.. that's the fucking point, that shit doesn't happen in asoiaf damn it, the Mary Sue DOESN'T EXIST XDD I really hope she's a Lannister spy even if it makes Robb look even more stupid *facepalm*, but until now she's basically been lovey-dovey with him (meh), done what Catelyn should have been doing all along (rage) and basically just - I can't. I gained a new appreciation for Jeyne Westerling like you can't even imagine, lol.

And yesss Arya hasn't killed anyone else as far as I remember. And Sandor showed up too soon =_='' idg what they're doing with the timeline. .... also don't ever remind me that Gendry and Mel could be a thing okay - JUST MAKE ME FORGET IT XDDDD I CAN'T EVEN. Well, I'm prepared to horrible shit/changes, but NOT FOR THAT TBH

♥ my pleasure ;) <333
The_Crazy_Freak: Theon 1the_crazy_freak on April 9th, 2013 11:15 pm (UTC)
Speaking of Talisa being a spy, have you seen that video analysis of this theory on Youtube then?

Also, wait what?!! Gendry/Mel?!! I don't remember anything like that happening in the books. Is this a fan thing?! Or do people suspect there might be some chance of it on the show or?!! O____O

Sorry for butting in, btw. ^^;
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The_Crazy_Freak: Theon 1the_crazy_freak on April 10th, 2013 04:22 pm (UTC)
Hey! :)

Since I know you like the Blackfish, here's a little preview of him (if you haven't seen it yet): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FlmTBjE2kgg (his bit starts at about 6:20)

Btw, there's also a scene where Mel is with Beric (wtf?! I don't think that ever happened in the books?!!), meaning the rumours about her meeting Gendry are probably true. =/
the female ghost of tom joad: asoiaf > tullyjanie_tangerine on April 10th, 2013 04:39 pm (UTC)
OMG THANKS I HADN'T SEEN IT OMG *__* he looks perfect! And Edmure looks amazing as well and jghdfjgkf TULLYS TULLYS <333 and ahah yes other than the usuals I also live a Blackfish appreciation life, sadly they didn't put him in charge at the beginning of book one ;) ;)

... haha. Yeah. Saw it. Ugh. I'll just pretend it never happened when it actually happens, the end.
The_Crazy_Freak: Do Not Want - Edthe_crazy_freak on April 10th, 2013 04:49 pm (UTC)
Idk, when it comes to the Tullys, I was kinda in the same boat as with the Tyrells. I thought they were ok, but never cared THAT much about them. But from seeing the preview, I actually think the show is gonna make me love them. And I'm sure I'll be paying more attention to them when I reread the books (and when I read the future two books as well). :)

Sigh. I mean... what are they even trying to do here? Maybe they want Gendry to take Edric Storm's place as Robert's bastard that Mel wants to sacrifice (because they won't bring in Edric at all)? I can't see any other reason why they should meet at all.
the female ghost of tom joad: asoiaf >> jon/ygrittejanie_tangerine on April 10th, 2013 05:02 pm (UTC)
I have no freaking clue why I ended up being a ridiculous Tully person - okay no I know, the Blackfish was awesome, also I always thought Edmure was adorable xD - but they have the *boring* + *useless* rep and I think they're all awesomecakes ;) I hope the show makes you come to the dark side! We have excellent fish. :D

I think that they definitely want Gendry to take Edric's place (THEY COULDN'T HAVE CAST EDRIC, NOOO) but then again even if it was the case why the hell would Mel seduce Gendry seriously WHY. I'm already having a hard time buying that Mel actually seduced Stannis in the first place, don't jump the shark like that.
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