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15 April 2013 @ 02:20 pm
game of thrones 3x03 - the walk of punishment  
(yay I'm doing good at this yes)

Under the cut: book spoilers (also for ADWD) and endless Tully fangirling. Also: if you like Talisa, don't like Jaime and don't like Theon don't bother, thanks so very much. Also: I'm discussing non consensual sexual situations related matters so thread carefully.

1. Okay. Overall: we're doing a lot better than I had expected. BUT, there were a couple of utterly wtf things, so let's get over with them first.

2. Listen, show, I realize that the actress playing Ros needs to do something on here because she has a contract and that you have a naked quota to meet if you want to air (I suppose), but jfc I'm this sick of five minutes of naked women parts paraded around when that scene could last a lot less. And if we really need to have pointless sexposition, can some man that is NOT Alfie Allen (especially this season, because I don't doubt he's gonna get naked but IN THOSE CIRCUMSTANCES I DON'T EVER WANT TO SEE IT) get naked too for once? Thank you. I mean, at least make it fair and let us poor heterosexual women ogle at naked bits too, yes?

3. Okay, premise: I don't hate Melisandre or anything - she's not my cup of tea in the books but she's not in the list of people I'd like to see dead either - but in this show... is she becoming the Talisa 2.0 with Stannis? Because okay uhm I could more or less explain myself Stannis being mostly OOC in the premiere, but now it looks like he's legitimately attracted to Melisandre and he actually has a *thing* for her and he'd be willing to betray his wife with her because omg he's whipped and... uuuuh.... no? Like, damn, I actually thing that Stannis/Mel was a thing in the books or at least heavily implied, but I always read it as 'he does it because it's the only way he has of gaining power/whatever it is that sleeping with Mel makes him gain' and he doesn't enjoy it or has a thing for Mel or ANYTHING like that so... uuuh... er... no? Again? Like, I'm nowhere near a Stannis expert so I can't really put this in better words but that scene they had reeked of OOC to me.

Oh, also: why does he want Robb and Joffrey dead and not Balon too? Like uh er everyone who hasn't read the book will find it very misleading and it's just going to get Stannis some more hate - can we just not? Damn, I'm not supposed to be worrying about Stannis, wtf.

4. Same as point two re Talisa: listen, I realize Oona has a contract and she has to do something, and I appreciate that at least this round Talisa wasn't near either Robb or Cat and therefore none of them was acting too OOC, but can you stop having her just doing all the good things like being nice to children and etcetera? Like does this woman have ONE flaw? No one in ASOIAF is that perfect ffs. She just sticks out like a sore thumb, ugh.

5. Er uh sorry did I miss the part where Robb was actually in contact with Riverrun? I mean, they don't mention these people for two seasons and the moment they meet Robb is angry at Edmure because he fucked things regarding Gregor Clegane so it was implied that they were actually fighting together? When did they mention that at Riverrun they were fighting for Robb? Did I miss that? Because it just felt like they missed a piece of the story or something.


Also, on to serious things: his scene with Cat was veryvery good also because they managed to cram some Tully family history into it and actually they did it pretty well. And OMG CAT. YES. FINALLY. At least someone remembered that Tullys are supposed to be about family, duty and honor? ;) no because YES finally that was a scene I could get behind and yes to everything ;___; seriously the Cat feelings I'm getting this season are something serious. When she broke down in tears about Bran and Rickon I kind of totally died ;__; (and ugh I love that she's still so close to her relatives even if they haven't seen each other in forever ALL MY TULLY FEELINGS)

7. Robb seems fairly back to himself - for the moment. Even if I totally don't get the whole part where he and Edmure had an alliance, but okay. Probably because Talisa wasn't there with her OOC powers, but at least *that's* the Robb Stark I sort of remember. Now if we go on like this I can work with it. More or less.


(can we have Sam and Hot Pie ruling Westeros thanks)

9. Jon's scene looked like they put it there so that we don't forget he exists but it totally could have been there last episode tbh. Or in the next.

10. Dany's SL looks better than last year's (yay). That said the main effect it's having on me is making me want to ship Jorah and Barristan.

Just - send help.

11. JAIME.




First: those two bickering while chained to each other after being captured was priceless. like seriously sure you get captured and YOU BEHAVE LIKE AN OLD MARRIED COUPLE, LOGIC. Also: I'm so fucking glad they kept the scene where Jaime tells her to just go away inside and think of Renly fdskjfhdks I should hope that people who think he's a dick without morals might have started noticing that there's not all there is to him. (I'm so ready for people to jump on his team. I'M SO READY.) But other than that the other scene was doing so very well (even if they pushed it before it actually happen in the book but SEE SHOW, IF YOU MAKE CHANGES THAT STILL MAKE SENSE I'M DOWN WITH THEM YOU KNOW) - ugh between Brienne not following his advice and fighting back (GO BRIENNE) and Jaime saving her ass even if he didn't have to I was about to die in squeeing for how good they did it ;___; also the way they looked at each other when they brought her back jsdfhsdjkf. I shall miss the 'thappireth', but still.

Now, on to serious things: I loved how in the first scene they had Brienne questioning Jaime's skill with swords (which is pretty much the *one* think he thinks he has going for himself) and in the last he effectively has the sword hand cut (UGH WHEN HE SCREAMED DDDDDD:) after he gets told that he's nothing without his family name - sorry Jaime, your brother had better luck when he talked his way out of imprisonment - but seriously when they went from Jaime being all satisfied that he managed to get somehow free-ish to OPS SORRY THAT WAS YOUR HAND WELL IT'S NOT ANYMORE I think my heart broke DDD: JAIMEEE. D: if next week I have the 'don't be so craven' conversation I'll probably just die in squee and forgive them a lot of crap they still seem to be wanting to pull but seriously I'm so so glad that they're getting this part as right as it goes.

Also HOW DID THEY DO THE CASTING SO WELL UGH. I'm in love with their acting ;___;


12. On to less squeeful-ish things.


Haha. All right. Uh. I still think I'm mildly sick, though not in the bad way - I mean, I was spoiled for the attempted rape and the rest, but if someone doesn't give Alfie awards this season it's a travesty. I wanted to vomit mostly because *he* sounded like he wanted to vomit, during that specific scene. ugh.

Anyway, that said: I've read some opinions around which are all more or less like 'it was unnecessary/gross' 'what the fuck are they doing' 'why is this happening it wasn't in the book'. Now: nothing that happens between now and next season was in the book anyway if you don't count Theon reminiscing about things in ADWD and not even doing it in detail (thank fuck), so obviously they're going to have to come up with plausible shit that might have gone down other than the few things we know for sure (also it's not like this guy can turn into Reek in ONE WEEK ffs). (Also I sincerely hope that Theon's ADWD stuff begins next season because I can't possibly take TWO seasons of torturing. Okay, that stated.) Also: in ADWD it said pretty clearly that Theon tried to escape more than once (one was with Kyra but I'm pretty sure he mentioned others) and that each time he was *hunted* down. At this point, since book!Ramsay *did* set him free just to get him back all over again... well, if show!Ramsay frees him, sends his men after him and then kills them all just so that he can gain Theon's trust and fuck him over even worse, then it seems perfectly coherent to me. Like, book!Ramsay totally would have done that. (Also the Bolton man telling him 'you little bastard' probably meant that they had no clue that he would/could *kill* them, which still makes total sense to me. Also YAY FOR CONFIRMATION THAT THE GUY IS IN FACT RAMSAY - well I didn't have doubts but I'm reading theories about him not being really Ramsay and I'm totally not buying them. Not to mention the 'WINTER IS COMING' UUGGGGHHHHHHHH DON'T DO THIS TO ME.) The attempted raping... well, it wasn't really clear if it had been Ramsay ordering it or no (doesn't matter since he would have killed the other men regardless), but considering that a) in ADWD there's a texual scene where Ramsay *does* rape Theon even if he doesn't technically touch him [as far as we saw] [Ramsay's wedding night if anyone's wondering] b) I'm 99,9% sure that it was implied that it had happened before during the part that we didn't see, and considering that doing *that* to Theon (who always thought that his prowess in bed was proof of his worth which just says everything) is pretty much the worst thing you could do to him... well, I don't entirely see it as unnecessarily gross. It didn't happen (for now), but it set the mood because it's probably going to happen later and it's going to be much worse, not to mention that if they go the whole way with Ramsay's creepiness and his thing about Theon being *just his* then it's just going to make more twisted sense later (since he wouldn't let others do it). And other than that... er, every episode including Theon from now on is probably going to outgross the one before so I suppose I'm ready not to be surprised at anything. I'm also ready to feel like vomiting every time he has screen time, but that's another point entirely. D:

I also sincerely hope I don't run into anyone saying that he deserved it or that it was funny because it was everything but. D: the thing is that as far as it is, and considering that they didn't introduce Ramsay in S2, they're handling this storyline very plausibly (seeing ADWD) so I can't even be angry at them. I'll just go and write fluff fic for the rest of the season. DDDD: also: I'll officially never be able to see Misfits. I'd probably cower in fear every time Iwan Rheon's face showed up. :/

13. In conclusion: the good parts were *veryvery good*, the wtf parts were absolutely pointless but the good mostly outweighed the WTF, and it looks like they have a better grasp of what they're doing than last season. But that stated I'm really this close to be done with all the gratuitous sexposition.

Then again, as long as I keep the Blackfish forever I can deal with the rest.
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goldenusagigoldenusagi on April 15th, 2013 02:55 pm (UTC)
I so want to read your review, but, book spoilers, so I won't. lol
the female ghost of tom joad: asoiaf >> jaime 1.0janie_tangerine on April 15th, 2013 02:59 pm (UTC)
lol last year I tried to spoiler-cut the spoilers but this year I realized I can't keep the book spoilers away so I didn't even try /o\ that said the only spoiler-heavy point is 12, but half of the stuff I'm talking about in the others is still book-comparison I think ):
falafel_musings: six feetfalafel_musings on April 15th, 2013 05:49 pm (UTC)
Theon's endless torment is starting to remind me of the girl in the 'White Bear' episode of 'Black Mirror'. Whatever crimes Theon has committed the senseless inhuman cruelty is so horrible and unjustifiable. The psychological torture is maybe even worse than the physical torture. I kinda wish Robb would just arrive and cut off Theon's head because it would seem more merciful. :(

Also, nooo! I didn't want to say goodbye to Hotpie!
the female ghost of tom joad: asoiaf >> theon 2.0janie_tangerine on April 15th, 2013 06:00 pm (UTC)
DDDDD: the thing is... be braced. From now on it's going to get worse. In the sense that what we've seen until now will be like tap water in comparison to the rest. D: I thought I was ready for it since I've had two years to wrap my head around it, but.. I think I'm nowhere near ready, oops. And yeah, the psychological is so much worse DDDDDD: and yeah, word. At that point Robb doing that would have been a lot more merciful, but we aren't going to be that lucky. (And Theon won't either. D:)

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(Deleted comment)
the female ghost of tom joad: asoiaf >> jaime/brijanie_tangerine on April 15th, 2013 09:52 pm (UTC)
Actually Arya/Hot Pie was an excellent ship. I could totally get behind it too if it ever was a thing. ;) (right now I'm also on the 'let's just put Hot Pie and Sam in charge' ship too, but that's another thing entirely) ... THEY MEET AGAIN AND HOT PIE GOES TO WORK IN THE KITCHENS AT A REBUILT WINTERFELL IT IS KNOWN. I don't accept anything else.

Look them up on youtube, I'm pretty sure someone will put the scenes there soon. They *were* perfect! Or well, as close to perfect as they could be with the previous changes, but they're pretty much the one thing other than the Blackfish that I'm 100% down with watching forever right now.
The Cleaverage: Winchesters of the Deadkel_reiley on April 16th, 2013 04:20 am (UTC)

3. OMG YES. Like, I'm not a Stannis fan, but they are ruining him.
'he does it because it's the only way he has of gaining power/whatever it is that sleeping with Mel makes him gain' - it's not just you, that is totally how I read it as well. I'm really disappointed that they completely wrote out his daughter with the grey... disease (can't remember what they called it) and her fool, too.

4. No one in ASOIAF is that perfect ffs. Right? That was why I loved it so much - all of the characters had shades of gray, nothing was black and white, and the ones who saw it in black and white (Ned! biggest of all) didn't last long.


8. HOT PIE! "It's really good!"


12. I just... really really do not want to see any of the torture Theon will endure. NONE. And I do not approve of the casting of Ramsay. He needs to be way creepier and gross, and I love Iwan Rheon too much to accept this! (I am sad that it's ruined Misfits for you before you ever got to see it, b/c Misfits was AWESOME.)

13. The sexpositioning has got to stop. Fr srs.
the female ghost of tom joad: asoiaf >> jaime/brienne 3.0janie_tangerine on April 16th, 2013 08:55 am (UTC)
2. IKR? I mean okay naked people, I get it, BUT CAN SOME MAN OTHER THAN ALFIE GET NAKED POOR BABY KEEPS ON TAKING ONE FOR THE TEAM! Right, probably NCW will have to get naked shortly for the bath scene, but that won't be gratuitous naked man bits so it doesn't count.

3. I *like* Stannis in the sense that while he's not my favorite I do appreciate the character and tbh he's the only one of the people in the run right now that I'd like to see winning, but I'm nowhere near a patented PR - but seriously WHAT THE FUCK. Also I've seen some picture of his daughter so she's apparently showing up at some point but like MENTIONING HER BEFORE - idek, I need to find some Stannis fan to ask them to put it in more sensed terms, but I really don't feel the changes.

4. Me too tbh :/ what the fuck is with that Mary Sue, please give me back Jeyne Westerliiinggg ;____;




12. Haha. Me neither tbh. I don't want to see a second of it, but I understand why they're showing it (considering that 80% of the viewers hates him and that they'd probably forget about him if they left him out for two seasons, if he shows up the way he did in ADWD it'd be confusing at best). The only hope I have is that people who are all like 'he deserves it!' or 'OMG THEON/RAMSAY HOW CUTE!' will.. er, change their mind when it becomes worse/more gross/more horrible? :/// also lol well I think that IR is being creepy enough but I also haven't seen him in anything else xD and daaamn everyone recced me that show left and right D: maybe at some point I'll try just to see if I can forget that he plays Ramsay? D:

13. THAT. Or at least sexpose some men too ffs. I'm still disappointed that Bronn never got naked in the premiere. *has priorities*
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The_Crazy_Freakthe_crazy_freak on April 16th, 2013 11:13 am (UTC)
Yay, I finally found time to read your review! :) And I have a few things to say again (mostly to agree with you).

2) Ugh... Couldn't agree more. Ros being there was just so fucking pointless. And that other scene with Tyrion giving Pod a bunch of whores (oh god, what even was that last one who was super elastic or whatever?!! I seriously went O_o ). Stop corrupting baby Pod, Tyrion, he needs to be a bumbling adorable virgin, ok?! That scene was seriously so pointless. I mean, it seems to me that it was hinted there was something shady about those girls, because they didn't accept payment, but maybe that was nothing? Either way, I'm getting sick of all the naked women too (and this is coming from a slightly bisexual person, jfc!) Last week's episode was actually refreshing in the sense that there were no boobs, but I guess it couldn't last and we're back to showing naked women again. I want some men. sigh

3) I don't really hate Mel in the books, either. Like, I see where she's coming from and stuff. But show!Mel annoys me to no end. She's just so much bitchier (she wasn't in this episode, but just overall). And omg, yes, they ARE ruining show!Stannis, it's not just you imagining things. I was cringing so hard at the part where he was all hot and bothered by her. HE'S NOT LIKE THAT IN THE BOOKS AT ALL!! I feel like he's kind of using her for his own purposes (just like she is using him for hers) and definitely not in the way the show is portraying. I mean, jfc, he doesn't want to bang her all the freaking time!! Just... no. Also, this is coming from someone who isn't the biggest Stannis fan, anyway. I think he's pretty ok in the books, but in the show, I feel like I only tolerate him for Davos' sake, I s2g! -__-;

4) Oh my god, don't mention that scene to me. Ever. UUUGHH!!! That scene has got to be the most pointless scene in existence. It seriously accomplished nothing. What was the fucking purpose of it?! >__> It was a waste of airtime, tbh. They could have shown some naked men (since they like showing naked people so much) instead and it would have been less pointless than that. I have to say I didn't really hate Talisa in the beginning. I didn't like her, but I was kind of indifferent. But now she just gets on my nerves all the damn time. ugh

5) and 7) Idk, I still didn't like Robb in that scene. While I do like the fact that he showed some strategic common sense and told his uncle off for ruining things, it actually makes him look like a bit of hypocrite. As in, he gets all mad when someone messes up, but when HE does it (by freaking marrying Talisa and breaking important alliances on the way), it's all fine. And he gets mad when people bring it up (as if his mistakes are ok, but the mistakes of other people aren't). Ugh, I hate what they've done with Robb in the show.

The_Crazy_Freakthe_crazy_freak on April 16th, 2013 11:15 am (UTC)
6) Remember how I said that I didn't care about the Tyrells in the books, but the show made me love them and how I feel the same may happen with the Tullys? Well, IT'S ALREADY FREAKING HAPPENED. Omg, they're awesome! :DDD I think I need to go reread the chapters they're in. I think I'm in love with Edmure and the Blackfish is freaking amazing! :D x3
But yeah, that scene with him and Cat by the window... ;__; It legit made me teary-eyed, especially when Cat said "I'm never gonna see [Bran and Rickon] again" because it's true and it fucking hurts. D': And then the Blackfish telling her she has to believe and be strong, ughh. ;__;

8) Omg, don't talk to me about that scene!! ;__; Because while the Cat scene made me teary-eyed, the goodbye between Hot Pie and Arya actually made me cry. Particularly when they already left and then she yells "It's really good!" back at Hot Pie AND THAT MADE ME SO FUCKING SAD, like NOOOOO!!! ;___; I wanted the trio to stay together at least a little bit longer. Also, for some reason, I feel like in the book the departure happened much later and that it was both Gendry and Hot Pie that stayed at an inn/forge at the same time. Or am I remembering things wrong?
Yes to Sam and hot Pie ruling together, though! :D

9) Yeah, I don't think much was happening with Jon, lol. I think the point of that scene was just so the audience saw that Mance decided to attack the Night's Watch and sent Tormund, Jon (and some others) to climb the wall. Basically, nothing exciting yet.

10) Yeah, nothing that exciting happening with Dany yet, either, but I loved the scene where she's all like "I have dragons. I'll give you one," and both Barristan and Jorah lose their shit. xD And I kinda can't wait for what's coming, because Dany being badass with Drogon = YES PLZ

11) OMG, I AM SO HAPPY THAT THEY KEPT ALL OF THAT STUFF IN!! God, I am seriously so fucking happy with how they're handling their story, because while there are minor changes, all the important stuff is basically following the books and there's no character assassination/bodysnatching going on!! JAIME AND BRIENNE ARE PERFECT AND ANYONE'S ARGUMENT IS INVALID. I absolutely loved every scene they were in. :DD I'd say more, but it's hard to describe perfection, so yeah~

The_Crazy_Freakthe_crazy_freak on April 16th, 2013 11:16 am (UTC)
12) I pretty much agree with everything you said here. =/ I don't think I've ever been so conflicted about any character/storyline ever. Like, I don't think I'd able to survive if Theon was just missing from the show for two seasons (I want to see him on my screen), but this is actually even worse because seeing him suffer like this and knowing much worse things are on the way is making me sick. As in, I do want to see it, but I don't. DDD: Like you said, though, everything that's happening to him is totally plausible (because in the books we don't know everything in detail). And yes, Ramsay pulling something like this is totally in character for him. I wonder what next episode's conversation between them will be like. =/ I mean, from the spoilers we read, we know that Theon will tell him everything that's happened in Winterfell and stuff, but we don't know in what way he's going to do that. Like, I'm afraid it's going to be emotional. As in, Theon kind of pouring his heart out (possibly along with voicing his doubts and regrets about burning the boys and/or betraying Robb?) to the only person he trusts right now. Seriously, if that conversation is a sentimental one, I'm going to fling myself out my window. That would be the worst. Because ugh, just imagine Theon opening up to the person who's going to do unspeakable things to him. I already feel like crying tears of blood when I'm just thinking about it (and I don't even know if the conversation will take that turn, jfc).
But maybe the Ramsay reveal will make the show-only audience sympathize more with Theon? Because when you think about it, the people who haven't read the books and/or spoilers have no idea Ramsay is, well, RAMSAY. They think he's this good guy, helping a tortured person escape, even saving him from getting raped, etc. And then suddenly BAM! The good guy goes "jk, I'm actually responsible for you torture and will now torture you some more just for my own sick twisted pleasure." So basically, it's not just Theon that gets fooled and betrayed, but also the audience, in a way. Maybe that will make it easier for them to kind of put themselves into Theon's shoes (regarding the betrayal at least)?

I guess that's all for now. JAIME AND BRIENNE though!! asdkjdsnflasgng!! Sorry, I had to mention them again.

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the female ghost of tom joad: asoiaf >> jaime/brienne 4.0janie_tangerine on April 16th, 2013 11:33 am (UTC)
6) YESSSS FOR BEING ON TEAM TULLY ;) welcome, we have lovely fried fish to offer ;) ;) they're amaaaziiinggg. I love everything Tully in the world ;__; and I still maintain that between Davos and the Blackfish they have 95% of the mental sanity in Westeros but other than that I just love those people so much ;__; and yess that scene he had with Cat was perfect ;____; fdjhsfkj MY TULLY FEELINGS, THEY CRUSH ME.

8) I knowwww it was ridiculously sad ;___; and yeah they're pushing things forward, in the book they didn't split up until like a good third into it? Still. I WANTED THEM TOGETHER LONGER D:

Shhh you know that Sam & Hot Pie would be the best-ticket-ever. MORE BREAD AND BOOKS FOR EVERYONE!

9) Yeah exactly, but imo they could have totally put it in some episode where Jon actually did something other than staring at the snow xDDD


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the female ghost of tom joad: asoiaf >> robb 3.0janie_tangerine on April 16th, 2013 11:29 am (UTC)
2) exactly. like, if she's supposed to spy shit for LF can't she.. well, do that? if they need to justify having the actress on payroll make her do something other than fucking getting naked, ughhh. Not going into the super elastic prostitute too X___X I figured that maybe the 'they don't want to get paid' shit was about LF so maybe it has an overall point, but THEY DIDN'T NEED ALL THAT SEXPOSITION TO MAKE IT X___X like seriously while I usually don't mind naked women or naked people in general (and well, I'd probably make an exception to my heterosexuality for exactly two people who are not Ros & co xD) this is getting ridiculous. If we have to look at pointless naked all the time GET SOME MEN NAKED FFS WHAT IS THIS.

3) Yeah same, but in the show I just don't get what they're doing. And YES UGH RE STANNIS X__X last season he was better tbqh but this one he's being OOC all over the place, what? In the book from what I gather he doesn't even want to bang her in the first place but if he does it it's because of *reasons* he sees worthy, not OMG I'M IN LOVE WITH YOUUUU. book!stannis is only in love with Davos sorry

4) Actually I read some meta after and I realized that it had a point because the baby Lannisters are going to get killed like very soon and that's the reason Robb kills Rickard Karstark - I totally forgot that because in the book it was already happened when Robb got back from Jeyne's castle I think, so it probably meant to make the audience go like 'omg aw cute' before they're mercilessly killed, but DID THEY NEED TALISA BEING SO *SHINY* to do it uugggh I can't stand her anymore X___X and beyond 'WHAT DID YOU DO TO ROBB'S STORYLINE' reasons by now, she's so unreal for that setting that I can't even.

5) I think I came to terms with the fact that show!Robb is being a dick unnecessarily as long as he behaves somehow not too OOC outside it - this still was miles better than the travesty of the premiere, but still... bleeeerrghhhhh. I still think that's not Robb the way he should be but at least he doesn't look like a total bodysnatcher. for now. The moment he has another scene with Talisa it's gonna go out of the window probably.... ;)
The_Crazy_Freak: Theon 1the_crazy_freak on April 16th, 2013 01:01 pm (UTC)
2) The thing is that there isn't even that huge a number of sex scenes in the books and whenever there ARE, there's a always a good reason for them (like the Cersei/Taena scene where it's not even supposed to be sexy, because it's all about Cersei trying to put herself into a man's shoes and feeling powerful; for some reason, I'm afraid if they show that scene, they'll totally fuck it up by making it into some sexy-lesbian-sex). ugh

3) Yes to that last (crossed out) part. Also, I missed Davos again. He's been gone for two episodes now. :(( But I guess they can't do much with him, since he's in the dungeons. I hope Stannis finally releases him next week, so we can have that wonderful conversation from the books between them (it's the only way they can redeem show!Stannis to me right now, so they better not change the scene too much).

4) Oooohh, I totally forgot about that. I blame Talisa.

5) I think I've said this some time before, but I don't think I'm actually going to care when Robb dies at the RW - like, THAT is the extent of how much the show has ruined the character. In the books, I was seriously distraught over his death.
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