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supernatural 8x20 + birthday + meme + random stuff

1) First: happy birthday cassiopeia7! :DDD I hope you're having an awesome day, that you get a lot of books for gifts none of which by Jane Austen and that you get spoiled with as much cake as you'd like ♥

2) Then: there are two tv-related things I'll talk about in this post. Vampire porn: okay listen this season doesn't seem like the epitome of coherent plot to me, but the Originals-related spin-off made it look like old school HBO in comparison. I'm not even going to bother with spoiler cutting, but I've never seen anything more ridiculous in my entire life. Okay, Ringer was probably as bad if not worse in certain points, but hahahahaha no. Considering that I really don't care about Klaus regardless I'm... not watching it. Nope. Sticking with the good old vampire porn, thanks.

3) Thankfully Supernatural was the total opposite instead (meaning, I loved the shit out of it).

a) Dear show, stay like this forever, thanks.

b) With that out of the way: can we keep Charlie forever? Please? She makes a great addition tbh, and I'm very very pleased that they gave her a backstory and made it so that she could be around a lot more next season. Woman of letters? I like. Also her relationship with Dean is a thing of beauty and seriously *cries* the last ten minutes completely drained me emotionally D: in the good way though.

c) Dean and Charlie shopping was the cutest ever. Also: CASTIEL IS DREAMY. Aha. Said by someone not interested in dudes who knows about him from books written in Dean's POV, Dean doesn't deny it and looks also still pretty hurt over Cas being MIA again? Okay show. I vote that these two become at least platonic life partners because there's no way this is there just because they have to fill the time with some nice one-liners. Not when they've been doing the same kind of thing all season. (Also Charlie and the FBI badge! MY SECOND-FAVORITE EPISODE! *sigh*)

d) DEAN AND CHARLIE TOTALLY HAVING THE LOVELIEST BOND EVER I JUST - I DIED THROUGHOUT THIS ENTIRE THING. I'm totally down with her being the little sister he never knew he wanted. And just - they get each other and they geek out together and THE STAR WARS REFERENCE WITH DEAN TOTALLY CATCHING IT and sorry can I just flail a bit here? I want Dean to have good friendships and this one is totally working perfectly for me. now just bring Benny back okay

e) SAM D: gosh can I just hug you? ALso congratulations, in your place I'd have totally crashed at home. But then again that's why I'm not Sam Winchester. I'm not overtly worried about the lasting consequences of whatever is happening to him since they've all been through worse, but SAM ;___________; *cries* also can I just go :DDD at how much he was drooling over Charlie's Ipad or whatever it was?

f) Also I generally want to say that I approve of all the hugs that are happening this season. A+ on moving away from too much emotional constipation, show. Did I say that I love Dean this season? Because I love Dean this season. Also the general plot was pretty cool and I kind of liked that the lady djinn wasn't exactly the culpable - yes, I'm still for the not-totes-black-and-white monster over the overtly evil one.

g) Aaand oh dear I don't have more interesting stuff to share I fear, since there wasn't the myth arc going on (mostly) but I just really liked everything. Did I say that I love this season? No? Because I'm saying it again - I am. It's nowhere near flawless but I like how they're straightening out things from the last two and going on a new way and tbh I like that both Dean and Sam seem on the way to become slightly healthier/more functional human beings and that NEW PEOPLE ARE HAPPENING AND THEY'RE ACTUALLY PRETTY GREAT. I like everything, yesss. And I can't wait for the last three episodes, everything looks oh so very exciting :D last year I wasn't half as happy, that's for sure..

4) Also, a meme from the aforementioned birthday girl in point one. :D

Basically, you give someone an age and they fill out the meme for where they were and what they were doing. If you want to join in, comment and give me a ballpark figure for how old you are now, or a decade of your life for me to choose from, and I will select an age for you. She gave me 17. :)

I LIVED in Rome with my parents in the exact same place I'm living in now - yeah, yeah, I know, but try living in a country where students don't get any kind of incentive or free housing or the likes. But my room wasn't as littered with books as it is now, mostly because I still hadn't ran out of space.

I DROVE... I didn't drive, because here you get your license at eighteen, but since we're close and I got the license the following year anyway... if I drive I use my mom's car which is a lovely azure Honda Jazz with the automatic shift and gosh automatic is the most glorious thing ever. I highly doubt I'll ever buy a car because there are a few things I dislike more than driving, but if it happens I'm never ever getting the manual. (I got the license while driving a manual and I wanted to punch the stick Hulk-style most times.)

I WAS IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH... I wasn't in a relationship, if you don't count my one-sided love affair with Stephen King's novels. And good for me because all the men I knew were people I could be friends but never in a relationship. BUT, all my friends were in relationships and I swear I had like four people asking *me* for relationship advice and I wanted to cry in frustration at them every time - like, why the fuck would you ask *me*, but apparently I wasn't too bad at it. All right.

I FEARED... probably the thing I feared most was my maths homework, lol. (Well, that was the year when I couldn't go past the equivalent of an E in maths stuff even if I tried but then again there was a reason why I picked a school where you studied fucking dead languages. WHICH WAS LESS MATH THAN THE REST.) And human bodies/bones/mummies. That one's still valid.

I WORKED... I went to high school, it was my second-to-last year. Basically it was a humanities-centered type were you basically studied Latin and Greek and related shit, which I loved, even if that year had the Worst Math Ever (or: I never was good at maths but that year was all the Cartesian coordinates system and I swear I never-fucking-understood how it works, or better, technically I did but I always got the damn things wrong so I basically spent a year getting crap marks in written tests and desperately trying to be better in oral tests). Also, uhm, all right, that year my love affair with Kant started (damn him) aaaand oh right I also spent half of my time writing rock band RPS fanfiction and handing it over to my bff who was in the desk behind me and did speed beta reading for me on the spot. If you all want to know, it started with Led Zeppelin and it evolved with yours truly writing fucking novels on Guns n' Roses, and the funny thing was that the ship I wrote most was Izzy/Axl and I cordially do not like Axl Rose (usually). Aaaand oh right yeah at some point we went on our first school trip in four years (because our class sucked and no one wanted to bring us) and we went to Berlin IN MID-FEBRUARY PEOPLE I'D JUST LIKE TO STATE HOW SMART WERE THE PEOPLE IN MY CLASS WHO VOTED FOR *BERLIN* IN FEBRUARY RATHER THAN BARCELONA, and I spent 60% of the money I brought in this huge record shop near the hotel. Like I bought 4/5ths of the Stone Temple Pilots discography and a Led Zeppelin vinyl that was all written in russian and was like some kind of contraband bootleg that probably belonged to the time when East and West Berlin were still a thing. Also during that trip there were almost-breakups and a bunch of gossip and when I came back I had an headache for two days. BUT I HAD A LOT OF RECORDS OKAY. But believe me, I actually did study, in between the novels of fanfic. (It was in Italian, btw. I'm not entirely sure of how good it was.)

5. Also: Patti Smith might be going towards seventy but you totally don't notice it. No seriously if when I'm her age I'm 5% as cool as she is I'll take it. (Yes, I went to concert number six. I think she's officially the person I've seen live most. <3)

Related to that: when I went to buy the tickets, I also ran into a horde of Justin Bieber fans. It was... uuuh. An interesting experience. Basically the concert was at this huge complex where usually you have classical music concerts but occasionally has rock/modern music too, and they also have a decent record shop. Also since it's important in modern architecture terms some schools organize tours there. So I was checking the records after buying my ticket when this I think middle school kids that were there on a school trip get into the shop. Seven people at once almost crash into me because they all threw themselves over the letter B (I was checking the letter E) and start going through record like locusts, until finally one of them comes out with the prize - aka some Bieber cd. All right. First she's all squealing, then her friends go like NOOO OMG ARE THERE OTHERS and they all throw themselves on the pile. They obviously all found the cds, it's not like Bieber is some extremely rare thing. Someone started kissing the cd all over, one girl's hands were positively shaking and she dropped it like ten times and they were all seriously squeeing like crazy. Then they assaulted the One Direction section. Meanwhile, someone in that class who apparently had some class was drooling over a Doors best of and like no one else knew who they were. Then someone randomly went like 'what's this, Metallica? EWWWW', at which I was about to start crying (and I usually don't like Metallica, oops). One of their male friends happily informed everyone that OMG THERE WAS THE DVD FOR BREAKING DOWN PART II OUT! and at that point I was about to start weeping for humanity. I was also feeling ridiculously old, but... seriously, do kids these days even buy cds? Like, I've been buying records since I was like eleven and the only time my hands legitimately started shaking was when I found at a pretty good price this pretty rare special edition of my favorite record ever which had been out in relatively few copies in like '96, and yes I kind of went to the check-out holding it to my chest and being like NO ONE BUT ME BUYS THIS, but it was a limited special edition that was hard to find in fucking '96, not THE LAST JUSTIN BIEBER CD. The hell.

Then I read those news about the kid going to Anne Frank's house and saying that he's sure she'd have been a fan of his and his fans reacting with 'who's this Anne Frank and why is Justin going to HER house and not to mine' and I decided that it's a lost generation. I'm re-evaluating mine.

6) I've also seen IM3! :D even if I still haven't seen the second. I'm a horrible fan. Whatever. No spoilers because seriously I watch those movies mostly for fun and I don't really have anything deep to say, but it was a good movie, I had a lot of fun, at least I caught it in English and the post-credits scene completely killed me in all the good ways. Anyone who's seen it knows what I mean. And if you know how I tick then you probably guessed why I've been all like THE POST-CREDITS SCENE since yesterday. Also if someone had told me that I'd go watch RDJ being Iron Man when I was dying over him when he was in Ally McBeal I'm not sure I'd have bought it, but it's all good. NOW SOMEONE PLEASE GIVE ME THE CAPTAIN AMERICA SEQUEL THANK YOU I need that certain character back in my life.

7) Steve Earle's new record is beyond excellent. <3 Yes, this deserved a point for itself.

8) Also, I bought cookie stamps and I made Stark and Tully cookies. I figured I'd share because I'm very pleased with the result xD

Also, Alfie Allen needs to stop being fucking adorable and making me die over his stupid face. There, I said it.

9) Aaand that's all I have for now. I'll probably go crash before I look at the clock and realize that it's 2 AM again. (The joys of never going to bed at reasonable times...)
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