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I'm alive! and service communications! and breaking bad!

1) hiiiiii everyone again <3

So: I'm currently back from outside-country vacations + opera festival in here, but I'm doing the annual going-to-the-grandmother's-place-where-no-bookshop-exists trip until September 5th so I'll be back either then or the 6th, depends on how dead asleep I am when I get back home. Vacations + opera festival were glorious after seeing William Tell staged as a socialist opera I think I can't ask for anything more from life. The no-bookshop place won't be half as good but I had it excellent until now so I'm not going to complain here...

2) I've sent all the postcards for everyone who asked :D sadly I had to send them from Italy when I got back because I didn't manage to find a running postal office when I needed it in both Vienna or Paris (go me seriously) so they'll probably get to you like a month from now, but I swear I tried /o\

3) I'm probably going to post decent pictures when I'm back, but for now, have a look at this ridiculousness I bought in Paris. Or better, I just bought the doll, I found the mug in a comic books shop near my place, but I apparently found the staging absolutely worth the effort.

4) I've managed to see the first two Breaking Bad episodes even if like a week late every time, so I'll leave a few thoughts here - nothing too elaborate because I need to finish packing and I still need to process them all, but if I don't do it now I won't do it later, so.

a) uhm I can't hear everyone over how awesome Jesse is and over the sound of Walt needing to leave him the fuck alone? my babyyyyyy *cries*

b) though from the set-up of the last episode it seems like he might team up with Hank to take down Walt? Because after that ridiculously horrible speech Walt gave him to convince him that Mike wasn't dead in the season premiere I'm entirely down with this course of action...

c) while it's a good thing that Walt was apparently bluffing when he and Hank came clean and he told him to watch his back (I mean, he told Saul that killing him was out of the question, so) I'm sooooo not sorry that his borrowed time might be coming to an end. Sorry Walt, you're a great character but my time of feeling sorry for you is over.

d) Skyler is basically wanting to make me get a nervous weeping breakdown because I just want her out of that life damn it DDDDD: she's too awesome for it, even if I'd have probably talked instead of keeping information to myself...

e) if Hank stays this extra awesome I won't be the one complaining.

f) seeing Matt Saracen's former BFF from Friday Night Lights being involved in mass crime killings is never not going to be weird. (Sorry, Jesse Plemons, you're actually good, I just am not sure it'll ever stop being weird.)

h) Saul needs to survive this if only to keep on cracking me up along with his two goons.

i) SORRY, JESSE IS FOREVER MY FAVORITE *cries* just looking at his face is making me want to have gross weeping fits.

l) Walt's girl business associate whose name completely escapes me right now is climbing highly the ladder of people I dislike, but she's also very realistically written so I won't be complaining - same as her boss, I suppose.

tldr: THIS SEASON STARTED FUCKING *AWESOME*. Now I *need* to know what happens later but for the next two episodes I won't be anywhere with internet so I should just hope that my grandmother's place's internet point has a decent enough connection because I'm going to kill myself with the excitement and the frustration if I can't watch them on time DDD:

5) Apparently a ridiculous crush on Mads Mikkaelsen completely snuck up on me while watching Hannibal because in Paris I ended up going to watch this historical flick where he was the main actor and which was also in French without subtitles, and while I can read French, hearing it spoken is entirely different...totally worth it though. From what I've understood, obviously /o\ also, the other highlight was going to watch Now You See Me because MARK RUFFALO (and I had missed it over here) and [spoiler for the ending (click to open)]clearly I got the ending twist two minutes into that movie because I recognized Mark Ruffalo FROM THE SHOULDERS when he was wearing the hoodie in the beginning, so much for actually putting some brains into guessing the plot, but other than that it was a pretty cool movie and there's nothing better than starting your birthday looking at his face so it was all good. :D

6) Oh, and I started reading Discworld. I feel like I'm screwed because I soooo didn't need a 30+ books series but I knew I'd probably like it and I'm at one book done and two half started and I'm loving it, so I'm apparently very screwed. Go me?

7) With this I'll go catch up with what I can of lj plus messages I haven't managed to answer until now and then I'll go pack - hopefully when I'm back next month I'll manage to get back on top of actually reading the flist properly again...
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