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dear yuletide author 2013

Dearest yuletide author,

hi! Seems like you're stuck with yours truly - and first thing, thanks in advance for whatever you'll write! I totally am excited to see whatever you may come up with and a+ taste for sharing any of these fandoms ;) - be sure that I'll be thrilled whichever you pick. Feel free to take a look around these parts or on my tumblr. :) Now, I suppose this wasn't much for guidelines so I'm going to give you a general run-down and then I'll go into specific fandoms - but as stated, except for the few things I don't want in the general part just go with whatever you want, you don't have to pick anything that doesn't inspire you. (The likes and the Dark Tower + The Wire sections are a c/p from last year but apparently my tastes haven't changed.) So, here we go!

what I like

I'm pretty easy to please really. Whichever rating you feel comfortable with is good - I won't say no to NC17, but if you want to keep it gen/pg/else it's all good. Angst or humor, either is good (crack is absolutely acceptable). My favorite tropes would probably be amnesia, AUs (either changing the setting completely or just changing stuff from canon), apocalypse fic/dystopias; I'd like it better if no one died/if it didn't end horribly but I'll trust your judgment in the case where I went with angst fandoms ;) If you feel like upping the ratings, my bulletproof kinks are consensual power play and cross dressing (and in het I like it a lot when the girl tops), but you really don't have to go into it if you want to keep it straight. Also I listed the characters with shipping preferences in some fandoms but gen/ust is totally cool. I tend to die in squee if there are music/movie/pop culture references of whichever nature. Oh, I also have a western fetish.

what I don't like

There's not much that I don't like, but: please no non-con actually happening in the fic (if it's past trauma or something like that it's good, but I can't take it happening in real time). Mpreg and everything of the kind. Character A/B/C/whatever turning into werewolves/werewolves AUs and please no alpha/beta/omega trope. As stated I could do without people dying but it's less of a deal-breaker than the rest.


Wild Cards - George R. R. Martin (Jay Ackroyd, Black Shadow, Croyd Crenson, Billy Ray)

Okay, so: I read this entire thing this last year and I'm downright in love with it, and clearly there's like one fic around so while the four characters up there are the ones I'd like to see most, if there's anyone else that you'd prefer writing and that fits better with the general tropes up there I'm down with it 100%.

Before I go into specific characters: I read all the books and there really isn't a timeframe I dislike or anything - heck, I liked the jumpers storyline… - so while I like the old cast better (I mean, I also love the reboot people but I'm more attached to the old timers XD) if you want to set it in current WC times I'm down with it. Also my favorite thing about that universe is how it uses/re-uses pop culture and changes things even slightly - one of my favorite spins on that was Buddy Holly being still alive along with Jim Morrison being a real lizard and so on - so anything even mentioning that or similar happenstances in passing would be a lovely cherry on top of the cake.

Now I'm gonna go into specific since I did pick my four favorites for a reason.

Jay Ackroyd: okay so this dude is my second-favorite and I'll weep in happiness for anything concerning him - a casefic with maybe the other three showing up would be delightful, though since Jay/Hastet is like my canon OTP to end all canon OTPs in those books also anything with those two (the return trip from Takis? Settling in NY? Casefic where she helps him? PWP? Whatever really) would make me cry tears of joy.

Black Shadow & Croyd Crenson: so, Black Shadow is my favorite overall and I'd pay for fic about what the hell he's been up to since he went MIA after Marked Cards. Or for fic about his early vigilante days. Or for something where he shows up in current WC canon. Also, his interactions with Croyd were some of my favorite shit ever in those books so something where they team up again and go being kickass vigilantes together (or maybe where Black Shadow teaches Croyd some physics since he seemed so interested?) would make my day. … if you're not adverse to slashing them I kind of am not either.

Billy Ray: I think I developed a fondness for this dude sometime during the Card Sharks deal, and I'll pretty much take anything where he's in. If he has a run-in with either Jay or the other two above, I'm pretty good. If you want to go the shippy route and give me some shenanigans with Midnight Angel after the last time they showed up in canon (or even some Death Draws Five coda) I'd be VERY VERY happy.

Back to general: my favorite books are probably the first, Black Trump, Death Draws Five and Suicide Kings, I liked Jokertown/the clinic better than most other geographical settings and my favorite arc would be a tie between the Card Sharks and the one against the Astronomer if it helps any - but as stated, there are things I liked even in the most ridiculous storyline *cough* the jumpers *cough* so don't really let that limit you.

If the characters up there don't really do it for you, other people I like are: Mark Meadows, Demise, Lohengrin, Finn, the Turtle, Father Squid (… well, I like 99% of the people around Jokertown really), Mr. Nobody, Rustbelt and Modular Man, but really, the only people I really don't like/interested in reading fic about are Ti Malice, Blaise and Gregg Hartmann.

Dark Tower (Roland Deschain, Eddie Dean)

First: if you picked the DT, let me just tell you that you're already awesomecakes in my book since I never find anyone who likes it. That stated, it boils down to: Roland/Eddie is my otp of otps, platonic or slashy or just bromance or in any shape and form. If you want to include any other character from the series it's absolutely cool - don't feel like it has to be just the two of them. But as long as it's centered on those two? I'm over the moon. I read everything and I read all my King like a good constant reader, so if you want to include references from any DT related book I'm totally game. Knowing that saying 'anything' will probably make you want to kill me, I could totally work with stuff set in the book II shuffle before Susannah is drawn/during Song of Susannah-early DT VII. (If you want to change canon facts totally feel free to do it. I'm not exactly a fan of the ending so if you get some idea that implies changing it I'll totally be okay with it.) Or hey, maybe the both of them having -moments- where they secretly understand each other throughout whatever piece of canon/between canon moments that you'd like. Or Eddie explaining Roland how pop culture works. The only thing I'd rather avoid is the first epilogue in VII (not exactly a fan of the ending, as stated). Everything else is fair game. AUs of any kind are also absolutely welcome - I mean, you want to do a proper western AU or a WWII one or the zombie apocalypse? I'm totally happy.

About Alain: he's one of my other favorites and I feel like he's underrepresented, so any fic where he's the protagonist would make me extra happy. I kind of ship him and Cuthbert so I could roll with it if you want to, but even something gen with Cuthbert and Roland and the old pre-fall-of-Gilead crew would be amazing. :D

The Wire (Omar Little, Jimmy McNulty, Randy Wagstaff)

So, I'm of the opinion that The Wire is one of the most brilliant amazing things I've ever seen. It also proceeded to break my heart into a million pieces, and while I know that its point was never to state that everyone gets a good life, I'll be shameless and ask for some fix-it as well.

a) There are a lot of things that I'll never get over regarding this show, but the way Randy ended up is probably at the top of the list. So, if you decided to write the poor kid any sort of fix-it (from the S4 finale onwards, anything) I'd be forever grateful. Whatever you think would work - I'm not adverse to Carver being involved in it for the obvious reasons, but seriously, a post-S5 scenario where he meets up again with Michael and becomes his stick-up partner would definitely count as a fix-it. Seriously, just please get the kid out of that house and give him something *nice* of whichever kind and I'll be forever grateful.

b) Omar Little + Jimmy McNulty: so, those two were my favorite characters overall. Incidentally, I also loved their interactions.They might have been my late S1/S2 crackship but please feel free to disregard that. I'd totally be up for some fic where they interact, in whichever way you prefer, either during S1/S2 when they were directly interacting in canon or something set later. Or if you feel like writing solo fic for any of them (character studies are totally welcome - I mean, I'd totally eat up novels about McNulty attending police wakes if that's what you felt like writing) that's awesome with me.

Catch-22 - Joseph Heller (John Yossarian, The Chaplain)

Er. So. This one is gonna be a lot shorter than the other two, because it basically boils down to: I love this book to pieces and I shipped Yossarian and the chaplain at the first line. And I kind of would love anything focused on the two of them even if you don't want to hook them up together. (Also if poor Major Major Major Major shows up for a cameo, since he was my actual favorite character, I wouldn't say no at all, but that's totally optional.) I haven't read the sequel yet so I'd prefer something related to just the Catch-22 canon, but that's really the only thing - for the rest I have no preferences whatsoever as long as it's centered on those two.

X-Factor (comics) (Shatterstar, Julio Richter)

Uhm, so, that comic book and those two over there are my last fandom crush and I might have ended up checking XF out because it looked relevant to my interests (I like noir and detective stories a lot ops), and it ended up with me reading the entire v3 in two days and getting mildly obsessed and shipping Ric/Star shamelessly, and I'd really really like some fic with the two of them in that timeframe? (I'm decently versed on the X-Force stuff and I'll have probably caught up with it by the time December rolls in, so referencing any of that shouldn't give me a headache. ;) )

I really don't have specific preferences re the timeframe and everything since I read the entire thing as a whole and loved pretty much all of it (and I like everyone in the cast so there's no one I wouldn't want showing up). Casefic where they take a case together would be a+. I'd definitely read a coda to the end of the comic book - surely after they set things right in the timeline they'll have had some reunion more passionate than what was shown in on page? ;) I'm also good with pwp or them watching movies and having a *moment*. I also might have a thing for the part where Shatterstar has hollow bones so anything where Ric has to actually pick him up/carry him? Doesn't have to be sex either for that matter.

Breaking Bad (Jesse Pinkman, Mike Ehrmentraut, Skyler White)

In this case, there's really two sort-of-specific prompts I'd like to see, but please feel free to go whichever way with them.

1) Not going into the fact that I'm still not over Mike's death, I really, really was digging his relationship with Jesse and the fact that for a mentor figure he'd have been a lot less toxic than Walt (for the point where Walt was in at least), and I thought it was a pity that it never had a chance to actually go there fully, so… I'd either like some offscreen moment between the two of them at either point since the fake robbery to Mike dying (or maybe five times they had a bonding moment? idk your choice) or an AU where Mike doesn't die/actually leaves town and then comes back and it affects Jesse's storyline. Either would make me a ridiculously happy camper.

2) I want to know what Skyler does after the finale/after Walt leaves her place in the finale. If it includes Jesse showing up and the two of them having a talk I won't be the one objecting, but it's completely optional. :)

All of this stated, really, not counting Rictor/Shatterstar (because I was looking for shippy fic there XD) feel free to do any other ship listed as friendship or gen if it floats your boat better. And if you read some of the tropes I like and thought 'hey, it's be awesome if character X from fandom Y ended up with amnesia during a nuclear apocalypse!'/something like that don't feel like you have to go with the guidelines I gave in the specific fandoms. I'll totally be happy with whatever you'll come up with.

Thank you so very much and happy yuletide! ♥

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