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26 March 2008 @ 11:51 am
Fic, Lost: It's Been a Long Time Coming (Desmond/Penny), for philosophy_20  
This was actually one of the first fics I had an idea for that challenge but something was missing. Then those prompts there gave me a hand and here it is. Hoping it's good ;)

Title: It's Been a Long Time Coming
Characters/Pairing: Desmond/Penny, Sawyer
Rating: PG13 to stay safe
Disclaimer: they're all Darlton's. And this is AU, so didn't happen, never will.
Word count: around 4000
Spoilers: For Through the Looking Glass.
Summary: For philosophy_20 #18, and if the answer is no/can I change your mind?. The three years just passed have been the lowest point of her life and at the worst, she was sure that Desmond was dead. Sincerely, knowing that he is alive is much better than she could have hoped. She’s still in time to kick some sense into his head, as their seemingly mutual friend James Ford said, if he’s alive. She isn’t surprised anymore, nothing could surprise her right now and whatever happens, Penny is sure to be able to take it.
A/N: So, this actually covers three of the prompts for the first day of the S4 hiatus challenge at lostsquee. Character prompt: Penny. Quote prompt: We are changed souls; we don’t look at things the same way anymore. For there was once a time when we expected the worst. But then the worst happened, did it not? And so we will never be surprised again.. AU prompt: in this one the boat was Penny's, everyone got rescued three days after the S3 finale, the whole Minkowski/Constant matter doesn't exist and Charlie didn't die. Wouldn't have worked otherwise. As usual, the title is Springsteen's even if the song doesn't have nothing to do with the fic. I lose at titles, damnit.

“Please, tell me that this is a joke.”, Penny says, staring into the pale green eyes of the man in front of her, hidden beneath blond bangs a good two inches longer than they should be.

If it is a joke, she’ll just even forget that he ever said such a thing. She really is not in the mood for jokes right now.

He looks straight back at her, shakes his head, a sad smile forming on his lips. He’s wearing jeans ragged and broken in at least four or five places and a torn, dirty red shirt; his shoes are even dirtier and it seems like they’re going to fall apart any second. The brand new grey jacket he’s wearing, made of soft wool (a model of which has been given to all the rescued) is two sizes too big and it looks so out of place that Penny felt a strong temptation to laugh when she first saw him, except that his expression was much too serious to.

He wraps the jacket around his shoulders, repressing a shiver, leaning against the corridor of the ship.

“Mrs. Wickfield, I ‘m way past jokin’ right now, believe me.”

“Then repeat what you said because I don’t think I understood.”

“He says he don’t wanna see you. And don’t tell me it’s idiotic. I know it is. I also told him he’s bein’ a complete fool, but he don’t wanna hear anythin’ else.”

“Why? I can’t... he knows I’ve been searching for him, he knows that...”

“I know he knows.”

“Did he tell you why?”

“No, but I’ve got myself an idea.”

“Tell me.”

“Ain’t my place, I’m afraid.”

Now, Penny usually is an extremely kind and educate person, especially to people she doesn’t know or she just met, but matter is, in this moment she could possibly care less about whether is this man’s place to share his ideas with her or about being nice to him. She doesn’t even know his name, or better, she doesn’t remember it, but if he has to give her Desmond’s messages, he has to be Desmond’s friend or something along those lines. And if he is Desmond’s friend, he has to know that if Penny has had enough determination to search three years, she isn’t surely going to back out when there are only a couple of cabins between him and her.

“Listen, I don’t really care whether it’s your place or not. I’ve searched for him three years. Three damn years. And don’t believe it was an easy task. Now, if you’re rescued, all of you, it’s also because I did it. Which is why I think you owe me your idea, even if it isn’t your place. Was I clear, Mr..”

She’s a loss because she really can’t remember the name.

He half smiles at her and wraps the jacket around his shoulders some more.

“Ain’t that a good speech. You know that Charlie didn’t die just for his dumb luck, right?”

Penny nods; Charlie had told her the whole story as soon as he recognized her when she arrived on the boat while Jack had filled up some of her holes about Desmond’s three years on the island before they found him in the hatch the first time.

“Well, in a few words, they almost didn’t make it outta that place and he’s spent three weeks sayin’ it was his fault and that he really wasn’t any good for anythin’ anymore. Guess not even for you.”

“This doesn’t make sense.”

“Did I say it did? And well, you know, your boyfriend’s got quite a lot of good qualities but he never struck me as someone who actually makes sense half of the time.”

Penny doesn’t even try to answer that one.

She doesn’t really know whether this is more ridiculous or just plain tragic, because to her it’s really nothing short of tragic.

She takes a breath, a slow one.

She’s been searching for him three years and this wouldn’t be the first time Desmond fucks things up, not quite. Whatever he’s thinking, she won’t let it stop her before trying. Not now.

“I really need to talk to him. Thanks for your concern here, but now I’ll go to his room and...”

“Wastin’ your time, if the number is the one the captain gave ya.”


“He came to my cabin sayin’ you’d be searchin’ for him and so he didn’t want to stay there. Then he started rambling somethin’ ‘bout temptations and whatever, I didn’t really catch that. But anyway, he’s brooding in my room right now. Which I guess you ain’t gonna find soon, if you don’t even know my name.”

Penny finds herself at loss for words because, well, it makes uttermost sense. She opens her mouth to speak but he raises a hand and stops her.

“Now, he asked me if I could go give him some time alone, which is why I’m freezin’ my ass off here, or anyway it’s a reason. Now, if I was a true friend or some shit like that, what should I do?”

“I guess nothing?”

“That exactly. But...”

“There’s a but?”

“Yep. There is. But, I was never known to be a true friend. Or at least, not to all the people I’m supposed to be friends with. On the other hand, I always was known to do whatever makes sense to me. Which isn’t always the best option, but whatever.”

He leaves his place and comes near her, a hand fumbling in the jacket’s pocket; he fishes a key out and holds it between his fingers, in front of her eyes.

“Right now, it looks to me like he’s bein’ an idiot and you’re bein’ reasonable. And since you spent three years after him and you actually got everyone off that place, I guess my key is the least I could give ya. On one condition, though.”

“What?”, she asks, completely in the dark. What could he want?

“I have to sleep on that bed, sweetheart. I don’t have a doubt that you’re goin’ to get what you want since you look like a pretty determinate one. So, as soon as you get it, you’re both off my cabin. Deal?”

Penny smiles and takes the key.

“Deal. Which number it is?”

“26, that side of the ship. Good luck.”

“Thank you. And you still didn’t tell me your name.”

For a second he looks at her and she feels uncomfortable. His stare is way too intense and is seems like she asked a burning question. Then he wraps the jacket around his shoulders again and smiles slightly, the shadow of a dimple showing up in the corner of his mouth.

“Ford. James Ford.”, he says dryly.

“I guess you already know.”

“Penelope Widmore, ain’t it?”

“Penny, please.”

“Sounds fine to me. Go kick him to sanity.”

She nods at him and turns to the corridor. She turns around one last time and sees him taking a small paperback out of the other pocket of the jacket along with a pair of glasses; he puts them on and opens the book, his fingers slightly shaking in the cold evening.

Penny turns again and heads straight to room 26, clenching the key in her hand.

She really isn’t as scared as she should be. The three years just passed have been the lowest point of her life and at the worst, she was sure that Desmond was dead. Sincerely, knowing that he is alive is much better than she could have hoped. She’s still in time to kick some sense into his head, as their seemingly mutual friend James Ford said, if he’s alive. She’s sure that Desmond has passed through the worst time of his life, too. She isn’t surprised anymore, nothing could surprise her right now and whatever happens, Penny is sure to be able to take it.

Sure, she had dreamed of a fairytale reunion. In the scene she had flashed out for the moments in which she would need it, she would have landed on this beautiful beach, covered in soft, white sand. Some people would have run towards her at first and she would have searched him in the crowd without success. Then she would have turned her head in another direction and he would have been there, looking as surprised as she would be relieved.

Then his arms would have been around her and she would have crushed him against her, they would have kissed first slowly, savoring their first moment of being together again. His kiss would have been so familiar after all that time and she’d have felt finally at ease after eight years without him and then...

Penny shakes her head. This definitely is not the time to lose common sense. This already doesn’t fit half of the scheme because having the ship she was not on finding them and getting there by helicopter three days after the rescue wasn’t landing on a sandy, tropical beach.

She stands in front of room 26 and she thinks about what she should do.

Then she settles on just telling him plain straight because she doesn’t have time for games, or the patience for that matter.

She knocks.

“Is that you, brother?”

“No, it’s me.”

Not really the reunion she hoped for, indeed.

No answer comes and now she’s really losing patience.

“Desmond, I spoke with your.. friend there. He told me pretty much everything there is to say about this and I have the key of this room. So, you can open the door for me or I can open it myself, but either way, you aren’t avoiding me.”

She hears some noise inside the cabin. Then the lock turns, but the door doesn’t open.

One step at a time, Penny thinks before pulling the handle and opening the door.

She can only see his back.

He’s standing in front of her, looking straight at the porthole; he’s wearing a jacket which is fairly similar to James’ one, his pants once were light green, probably, but now she can only see a couple of holes on the sides and his hair looks way longer than she remembered.

He doesn’t turn, nor he says anything. She doesn’t touch him, not yet, even if only she knew how strong the temptation is.


Still silence.

Penny regrets every single moment in which she thought that Desmond’s quietness was one of his best qualities.

“You will have to talk to me, sooner or later. You know I’m not going.”

She can hear his breathing becoming labored; his hands clench behind his back, gripping with a force she wouldn’t have expected.

Penny still waits. She isn’t doing a thing until he speaks to her at least and she isn’t moving until he does, even if she thinks she isn’t going to bear this silence much more.

Seconds or minutes or hours may have passed until he speaks; Penny really doesn’t know right now, but as soon as she hears his voice, her heart skips a few beats. What he said, doesn’t really matter right now. She still has to wrap her head around the fact that he’s there, in front of her.


“What do you mean why?”, she asks, keeping her voice from shaking. She can’t crumble right now; if she does, it’s over.

“Why are you still here?”

She brings a hand to her head, thankful that he can’t see her right now.

“Well, what would you say?”

“We can’t.”

His voice chokes on those two words, like it’s the hardest thing he said all his life. Penny doesn’t doubt it is; she also knows that he’s torturing himself for nothing, but she can put up with it. She knows he’s doing this because he thinks that breaking up for good again would be the best thing for her; Penny knows better though.

She had come close to stop searching more than one time and if there was something that kept her going on, it was the wave of nausea and despair that hit her every time she thought he could be lost to her forever. The bare thought of not seeing him again was enough to keep her searching even if the more time passed, the more insane it seemed.

She would have every right to turn her back on him and walk away right now; he’s doing exactly the same thing he did after they took that picture together and if she didn’t really know better, she’d have said that he hadn’t changed that much.

She hears the difference in his voice, though. Eight years (eight years, damn, it really is too much) ago he said it mostly because of his idiotic pride issues, or maybe for his even more idiotic self esteem issues, or maybe for both. There isn’t an inch of pride in his voice now. It vibrates with sincerity and Penny understands right away that this time he really believes that he isn’t any good for her, or for anything else. Something aches in her when she realizes it, but it’s exactly the reason why she isn’t walking away from this room.

“We can. If you think I’m going to leave this room now just because you think it’s better for me, you’ve got the wrong idea.”

“It is better for you, Penny.”

Her heart skips another couple of beats when he says her name. She just wishes the tone was different.

“No. No, it isn’t.”

“Do you even know what I was doin’?

“Charlie told me everything and someone else filled me up. Let me tell you, Charlie seems pretty grateful to me.”

“That isn’t the point.”

“And what would the point be?”, she asks thinking that at least the ice is broken. On the surface, sure, but it’s broken. Oh, the temptation to go there, forcing him to turn and just do something is strong. The temptation to scream is strong, too, but he doesn’t need screaming right now. She has only a bare idea of what happened to him and if there is something she wants, it’s for him to tell her from the start, every single thing, but she can at least imagine how hard this is for him right now.

He always had a tendency to be way too hard on himself, truth to be told; she can only guess that the time he spent away from her has only strengthened it.

“I’m... I’m not... I don’t think... everything’s changed, Penny. I’ve already... I don’t know how you’d still be searchin’ for me. I wouldn’t have.”

The sentence has its fair share of holes, but Penny knows how to fill them just fine. One of the aspects of their relationship she liked best consisted in the fact that she usually knew what was going through his head just looking at his face or the way she already imagined what he was going to say when they were speaking on the telephone and it was the same on Desmond’s side. She fills the holes, alright.

I’m not the same person I was. Nothing she hadn’t expected.

I don’t think you’d like the person I am now. She thinks she couldn’t possibly not like him, however changed; not now that even if they still haven’t touched and after eight years from their last kiss a part of her has been feeling warm and hopeful since she set foot into this cabin.

I’ve already ruined your life more than once. Except that their time together is still what her mind goes to instantaneously when she needs a good memory to cling on to; she had tried living without him, she has even almost married another man and nothing even came closer. She wouldn’t be here otherwise.

“Well, the fact that I did should tell you something, right?”

The hands behind his back clench even more. She knows this hit the target. If only he turned, but Penny is positive it’s eventually going to happen. He doesn’t answer and she tries again.

“You know, if you really want me to go, you could at least look at me in the face while telling me.”

“I can’t.”

“Then you haven’t found whatever you were looking for in the first place.”

She bites her lip after saying this, she would have rather not touch the issue, but if there was something that could move Desmond once, this was it.

She was right. His shoulders tremble slightly.

“If I look at you, I won’t be able to say it.”

“Which only shows that you really want me to stay and that you’re just making things complicated.”

“You should have someone better, Penny.”

She takes a breath and decides that it’s time to lay all the cards on the table. She isn’t going to let him win, but she’s also becoming tired of this, especially since it’s clear that whatever happened, his feelings didn’t change and he’s only trying to prove a point which doesn’t have an inch of sense.

“Desmond, you’ll agree that you didn’t give me much reasons to do what I did. Which I guess it’s why you’re so desperately trying to make both of us miserable. So I’ll concede you just everything I can concede. You’re not the same bloody person you were, eight years have passed, I came close to thinking you were dead for three out of those eight and I probably could have left everything and go searching for someone else. I concede you all this.”

“Then why?”

“Because I don’t want someone better, Des. I don’t care about everything else. I’ve been waiting three years to know that you were alive and now that you’re here, I don’t sodding care. Please, just turn. Whatever happens next, I can take it, but look at me at least.”

He takes a breath and turns to her, their eyes meeting as soon as she can see his face.

His hair is definitely way longer and doesn’t look clean by any means; he hasn’t shaved, but for a second she thinks the look suits him just fine. He’s wearing a torn blue shirt under the jacket and his eyes are exactly as she remembered them, warm and brown and, now, shiny with something perilously close to tears; his lips are slightly parted, like he was about to say something without being able to find the words and she can feel her whole frame shaking, her own tears threatening to fall. She thinks he never looked so beautiful in her eyes all her life, not as he is in this very moment.

She takes a couple of steps, stopping when there are just a few inches between them. Not touching, but she just needs to extend her hand a bit and she could.

She still isn’t going to do it, though, even if she can feel her fingers itching to make contact with his skin, which is way darker than she remembered.

“Should I still go? Or has your mind changed?”

A tear escapes from the corner of her eye, rolling down her cheek, unable to stay where it was supposed to stay.

Automatically, almost on reflex, Desmond’s hand moves and his thumb is on her skin delicately wiping it away.

Penny shivers; his skin is much rougher than she remembered it to be, but that bare contact is enough to send electric jolts through every inch of her body and she almost throws her resolution to take things slow out of the window, but as soon as she’s aware of his uttermost terrorized expression, she thinks better and settles on just smiling.

“Please, just tell me. Has it changed?”

“Aye.”, he answers, his voice shaking on that little word, his hand leaving her face and suddenly left there in the air with no clue of what to do, a couple of tears of his own falling from his eyes.

Penny nods and finally feels allowed to take the final step. She slowly brings both of her hands on his face, threading her fingers in his hair, caressing the wet skin on his cheeks with her thumbs, lowering his head down, nodding at the questioning look in his eyes.

As soon as his lips touch hers, it’s everything she could have ever wished for.

It feels familiar, yes, exactly as she remembered, but also new; his taste is the same but slightly different, his lips are warm and salty against hers, she brings him closer when she parts them, relaxing a bit when his arms close around her waist even if not as strongly as she wishes. She doesn’t force the kiss, glad to take what he’s giving her, shivering against him when his teeth grasp her bottom lip, the air around them suddenly becoming different and the movement of the ship suddenly stopping like everything else.

As soon as their lips part she takes a small breath and kisses him again, bringing a hand to his neck and bringing him even closer, relief flooding through her as soon as he tightens his hold on her shoulders and on her waist; only now she gets how much she had missed this and she can’t help thinking that this feels even better than her perfect reunion felt in her dreams. Sure, his hands shake and he isn’t as firm as she imagined him to be, but it’s alright.

He’s there and she’s kissing him again; she doesn’t care if he doesn’t think he’s fit for going back to the real world or whatever nonsense is probably going through his head right now. She’s positive that what happens next, they’re going to figure it out and sincerely, she can’t wait for it. Because figuring problems out means having problems, and having them means that she’s really found him, that they’re really going to be together again and that he will be there.

When it’s over, he leans his forehead against hers and she just holds him closer until there isn’t an inch of space between them and his head leans on her shoulder and her fingers thread between his hair, smothering it out.

“God, Penny, is that really you?”, he murmurs against her skin.

“What do you think?”, she answers, allowing her lips to turn upwards in a smile.

“I was really a sodding idiot, yeah?”

“Damn right, but I’ll forgive you.”

Desmond leans backwards a bit, just enough to look at her again.

“I love you.”, he says then, his voice low and shaky, but she longed so much to hear it again, it is perfectly clear to her.

She remembers when he told her the first time, three months after they started dating, when he brought her out to lunch in her favorite restaurant and had presented himself with a bouquet of small white roses and some cheap ring he had found on some stand at the Portobello Road Market because he couldn’t afford a new one. He looks exactly as he looked then.

“I love you, too.”, she answers before lightly kissing him again, just a tiny brush of their lips, but it’s enough for now and she has never felt closer to him, not even before their first split. They part and she looks at him again, taking a breath.

“Why don’t we leave your friend his cabin and go to mine?”

“Guess we should.”



“Will... will you tell me what happened in the time you spent there?”

His expression darkens for a second, then it switches to uncomfortable.

“Would... would you hear it?”

“Every second of it.”

His lips turn into a shaky smile while he nods and his hand finds Penny’s, their fingers intertwining and his grip firm.

“Aye then, I will.”

Penny nods at him and tightens her grip on his hand while they head out of the cabin; she doesn’t think she’ll be ready to letting it go anytime soon.


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falafel_fiction: penny tearsfalafel_fiction on March 26th, 2008 12:34 pm (UTC)
Wow, thanks for writing this. You're dealing with an issue that has been nagging me for a long time now -Desmond said he was leaving Penny because he needed to get his honour back. So if Desmond is still feeling broken and unworthy the relationship is just not going to work. I think the situation with the flashes and Charlie would only amplify these feelings in Desmond. So I liked that you didn't go for the fairytale reunion and instead wrote something that was far more true to Desmond and Penny's characters.

You characterised Sawyer very well, though I'm not really sure about a Desmond/Sawyer friendship. Those characters just don't gel for me, unlike Desmonds bonds with Sayid, Charlie, etc. But that is just my own personal niggle. But the Penny/Sawyer interaction was well done and often funny.

Side note: Even though he didn't feature in this fic, thank you for letting Charlie be alive!
the female ghost of tom joad: lost des/pennyjanie_tangerine on March 26th, 2008 12:48 pm (UTC)
You're mostly welcome, thank you so much for the awesome feedback!

That issue has been nagging at me for a while now, too. Either he has given up on the honor thing realizing it was kind of stupid in the beginning, or he'll have to give up on that later on because you're right, everything that happened on the island wouldn't sure make stronger his feelings regarding the matter. I'm all for fairytale reunions but with all that happened, I don't think it could ever be.

Here I wasn't exactly hinting that they were actual friends but I needed someone who wouldn't have made too many questions at Desmond's request for the cabin and I thought he'd have probably asked someone he wasn't too close with. I also needed someone to lessen the angst and since he's still the one I think I get better on the humor side I went with our pal James ;) glad you thought the Penny interaction worked!

And my pleasure regarding Charlie, I always try to save his life when I get the chance ♥.
elliotsmelliot: des penelliotsmelliot on March 26th, 2008 01:26 pm (UTC)
I shouldn't check my flist right before I need to go into school. I shouldn't read a story promising a Des/Penny reunion before I need to present at a faculty meeting. I especially shouldn't read one by you who is just going to make me all teary.

I think you handled this just right. As much as Penny and I dream about the white sand reunion, I would actually be disappointed if it wasn't more complicated, especially on Desmond's side. Between what he's gone through on the island and their own history together, I think hesitation would be in abundance and you captured that so well. The whole not looking at her really heightened the tension of the scene and just about make me melt when he finally did.

“I’m... I’m not... I don’t think... everything’s changed, Penny. I’ve already... I don’t know how you’d still be searchin’ for me. I wouldn’t have.”

The sentence has its fair share of holes, but Penny knows how to fill them just fine.

The dialogue in this story felt very real and this exchange was an excellent way to show that Penny does understand him, probably better then he understands himself.

Great use of Sawyer and his warning not to lose themselves on his bed. I applaud the appearance of the blue shirt kept so carefully hidden so as not to shock Penny immediately!

Great work!
the female ghost of tom joad: lost des/pennyjanie_tangerine on March 26th, 2008 02:13 pm (UTC)
Awww, sorry to send you to faculty meetings like that!

Thanks so much, I'm really glad the whole hesitant Desmond dynamic worked for you here. It took me two months or something to settle on how I wanted it to be and it's good to know I've meta-ed it in a good way ;) and as much as I wish a white sand reunion for them, too, I don't think it will happen. Though, as long as it happens and it lasts, I'll take everything they give.

Penny does indeed understand him better than he does, or at least I've always had that impression. Glad also to know that Sawyer warning about the bed worked! I wasn't that sure about that but it seemed like a concern he would have ;) and if poor Penny had seen the blue shirt she'd probably have thrown her concerns out of the window much sooner.

Thank you so much again! ♥
Shonatoestastegood on March 26th, 2008 08:47 pm (UTC)
My heart just swelled towards the end of this: it is absolutely the way I would want their reunion to go, hard and painful but working out alright in the end. Penny's little fantasy of how it would be to find him again was such a sharp contrast to how it actually worked out. The years on the island must have changed Desmond to a point that he would hardly be recognisable to her - if she thought he had issues before the island, then ooh boy she's in for a shock afterwards.

I really do adore the way you write Penny. The dialogue you write for her sounds so spot on, like I was actually listening to her speaking. She's so perfectly strong and stubborn, and so helplessly in love with a man who can't help but break her heart. Fics like this remind me why I love Desmond/Penny, even if I'm a Charlie/Desmond 'shipper at heart.

And well, you know, your boyfriend’s got quite a lot of good qualities but he never struck me as someone who actually makes sense half of the time.
That line actually made me snort outloud with laughter because it's so wonderfully true and it's so like Sawyer to pick up on it. I like the idea of it being Sawyer who approached her about it - after his experiences with Kate on the island, I think it seems right that he'd want to try and help push a couple like that together. You also added in, "His stare is way too intense and is seems like she asked a burning question" which was brilliant - it feels like a little in-joke to the reader, seeing as we know exactly why it's such an issue for him whereas to Penny it should be so simple.

And, finally: "a torn blue shirt" - HOORAH FOR THE BLUE SHIRT!
the female ghost of tom joadjanie_tangerine on March 26th, 2008 11:34 pm (UTC)
OMG now you're flattering me. Thank you so much for such a lovely comment, now I'm feeling all fuzzy ♥.+

Reading the first parts made me squee because it's actually everything I was trying to convey here. Really, if poor Penny thought he had issues before she's in for a ride, but after three years after him I doubt she'd be discouraged.

It's awesome to know you like my Penny because I had never really written her out of comment ficlets or if I did it was from Desmond's POV, so it really feels good to know I did a good job with her, since I love her lots. And well, I may not write it (still) but I'm a total closet Charlie/Des shipper, too. I think that Penny is the only woman I could pair Des with but with males, I've got this tendency of seeing him with half of the people there and Charlie is kind of a favorite ;)

Glad also you liked the Sawyer part! The whole part about him wanting to get them back after the Kate mess is exactly what I was trying to hint and I'm glad you caught the name question, I hoped it made sense to someone ;) he's probably my safest writing zone and I can't never resist sneaking him in.


Thank you so much again, I'm really so happy you liked it! ♥
kind of an indoor girl: charlieguitarglycerineclown on March 27th, 2008 02:47 am (UTC)
Portobello Road!!
*has total Bedknobs & Broomsticks flashback*

This... This was amazing, I loved every bit of it.
I kinda wish I had known it was Sawyer earlier though, so I could've heard the whole thing in his voice in my head.
the female ghost of tom joad: lost charliejanie_tangerine on March 27th, 2008 08:32 am (UTC)
Thank you! ♥ I'm really so glad you liked it. And well, you can always re-read that in retrospective ;)